Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Rewind (ta da!)

So, how do you like me so far? After toying with 'oldie but goodie', 'second-chance saturday' and, even, 'play it again Sam' (though this did not make it to the blogsophere), I've settled on Weekend Rewind, and (thanks to Maxabella) have an image to match.

I'm particularly happy with the cassette. The Inner City Hipster (my brother) tells me that cassettes are very cool right now. Perhaps even sohotrightnow. Something to do with the tangible effort required to find a song, which is, apparently, a big hit with the download generation. For this reason, he siphoned off all of my compilation tapes from the 1980s during the latest clear-out of Dad's shed. Choose 1985, anyone? Thru the Roof '83? These and many other classics have now found new, appreciative homes.

None of which has anything to do with the fact that this is the new, improved version of the world's easiest linky. All you have to do is to join Team Fibro if you're not already following, dust off a favourite old post, link it up and then lay some comment love on other posts on the list. The linky will remain open until 9pm Sunday (AEST), hence the weekend bit in the title.

So kick back, unwind and rewind with some classic old posts. Can't wait to see what you have for me.

This week, I'm offering up a post that's all about the delights of the Fibrotown newspaper.

PS: A community service announcement. I was introduced last week to Jen at The King and Eye - she runs the also relatively new Blog Gems, a linky that encourages you to air your archives. Jen is based in Ireland, so we're working some cross-hemisphere classic post love. Her latest linky is up on Sunday. Go visit and share your awesome classics with a whole different section of the blogosphere!

PPS: I'm joining in Maxabella's Grateful Saturday. I'm extremely grateful to Maxabella for making me such a cute image for my linky. 


  1. Cool name for your linky! I love an old mixed tape. When we moved overseas I veeerrry reluctantly threw my collection away, but I kept the paper inserts, fully intending to find all the songs on itunes and recreate my 'youth' .. but of course I never will!
    :) Rhi

  2. Love the name and the avvy is inspired:) Thanks for the shout out, nothing like a bit of cross hemisphere linky love. Thanks for the bloghop, looking forward to finding new blogs to enjoy :D Jen

  3. I love this image and name, well done both of you I loved some of the reads last week, looking forward to a few more this week.

  4. I'm grateful that I'm moving house next week into a much nicer and safer area. x

  5. I like it! cool casette too!
    This week my linkup is actually my baby gift to Becky and, if you want to, you can go from my post to hers and leave HER some love!! thanks xxxCate

  6. I'm pegging for "Mixed Tape", but Weekend Rewind is still rather cool. Love this linky, Al. I think it's my favourite...

    I love the button I made you and hate my own. Figures. x

  7. Love the name! and yep, very cool button from Maxabella there. Aren't sisters the best?

  8. Love the name and the button..... and Love the idea... I love reading old podts from people so guess Ill be busy over the weekend lol

  9. I just joined as a follower...yes your 'weekend rewind' got's unlike any other! I've only been blogging for 3 months so my posts aren't particularly old..but I'll be giving it a go.

  10. That's THE name for your linky right there...and with the perfect matching image...

    I believe you and your sisters are taking the blogopshere by storm, one great linky at a time....Thanks for the opportunity to reach out to so many other wonderful bloggers...

    It is a delight

    Gill xo

  11. Great to see this again...and since makeup is the topic du jour I've dug out an old post on the subject....

  12. What an absolutely awesome idea for a linky!! Love it :)

  13. Living in a big city, I actually enjoyed reading your post about your local newspaper. These days, I would much rather read about the town Scrabble Club than the crime rate, local politics, and the state of the economy. Sometimes simpler is just so much better. I love this idea and I am following because your blog is awesome. I would love to add you to my blog followers too.

  14. awesome casette and name for the linky!


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