Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wild about Harry

Mr6 and I are reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone together. Last year, I read it to him. He loved it. Could recount every detail. Then someone from school lent him the DVD. I warned him he wouldn't like it. This is a kid who has nightmares at the slightest provocation. Somehow I felt that Voldemort was large provocation. But he was not to be dissuaded.

So I let him watch it. With these words ringing in his ears: "I will let you watch this so that next time I tell you that you are too young for a movie you will believe me."

Five nights of waking up screaming later, he believed me. "I thought Fluffy was soft and purple," he said of the three-headed doberman depicted in the film.

"I wish you still did," I answered.

The unfortunate side-effect was that he wouldn't even read the second book with me. We'd begun it, he was enjoying it. Post-movie, it was pushed so far to the back of the book shelf that we have yet to find it again.

No-one was more surprised than me when he bought out the first book again last week. "Let's read this," he said. "I've forgotten what happens."

This time, we're taking it in turns to read. I love Harry Potter. I do. I read them all before I even had children. They're just fun. A rollicking good read. Say what you like about J.K Rowling's literary prowess, the woman knows how to write a great story.

So far, so good. No sign of nightmares or even unsettled dreams. Then again, no sign of Fluffy yet, and only the slightest mention of He Who Shall Not Be Named. I have my fingers crossed we'll get to the end and he'll want to go on to Book Two.

Then we'll just have to find it...

Speaking of reading, don't miss your weekly dose of quality blogs at Lori's Flog Yo Blog Friday.


  1. Huzz and son have just finished the first HP too and loved it. They are now on the 2nd. No nightmares thankfully. Hope your little man enjoys it 2nd time around and sleeps well.

  2. Thanks Victoria. He's loving it so far. Fingers crossed. But nothing scary yet either. I'm loving it. The worst part is knowing we can only go to about book three at this stage - beyond that, I think they get too old for him too quickly.

  3. I love love the books. (and the movies too)

    When he is done with that or if he doesn't want to finish them, you might want to start the Percy Jackson series.

  4. Your son sounds exactly like my daughter!!
    It is good to hear is now ok about reading them again you must be happy. Such a wonderful writer she truly has a gift.

    Have a glorious Friday. xxx

  5. ooh you tricked me thought this was going to be something about Prince Harry in the nude...dissapointed

  6. My Ash, now 15, LOVED Harry Potter when he was a tike. He was a gifted reader and went through them all like wildfire. His 2nd grade teacher poo-pooed him and told him to select a book more suited to his age. He stood by her desk and read two pages and she shut up.
    He had a severe anxiety disorder however and he sat behind the couch when the others watched the movies with his eyes and ears covered and just popped up for the not-scary parts.
    I had forgotten all about this, thanks for reminding me and in turn showing me how far he's come. *tears*

  7. I'm yet to read any Harry Potter books. As strange as it sounds, I wanted to wait and share the experience of it with Miss A. I've still got about four years to wait!

  8. Lucky the kids who have parents with a penchant for reading.

  9. I love Harry Potter too - we have the whole collection and hubby and I have each read them a few times. I can't wait to share them with my daughter in a few years!

  10. My kids and I have all loved HP. They were a tad older in starting, and had to wait for the next book to be released, which gave them time to mature too before they hit the scary stuff.

    Will be a little sad when the final film is done - will be an end of an era!

  11. I had heard so many bad things about Harry Potter that we bought the books and read them. At the time we had a girl who was a few years behind her class in primary school. Once she had these babies in her hands (she was the same age as Harry when the books were released), she couldn't put them down. We bought her each book as they were released. Now at 21, she loves to read. I thank JK Rowling and her Harry Potter books. (And yes, the books get darker and the movies are much scarier than our imaginations), but if your lad is the same age as Harry as you read them, all should be okay!) xx

  12. Our 9yr old has just started reading this, he tried a while ago, but couldn't get into it. I didn't want hime to watch the movies until he'd read the books, for fear of him not being bothered with the books, but I was wrong. He loved the films & is now really loving the detail of the books, hoorah! Though he's a little older than your little guy, I don't blame him for being scared, it scared the pants off me!!

  13. Poor little guy. But, it's a very important lesson to learn- stick with the books. The movies are NEVER as good. ;)

    And, yeah, I adore Harry Potter. It's such an intricate, fully formed fictional world. beautiful.

  14. I'd always thought the movies were a bit too intimidating for the market they were meant to attract. Poor little man. Glad he's starting to get back into the books though :-)

  15. We are in the middle of reading Philosopher's Stone to our 7 yo at the moment too. I must admit that I was a bit hesitant, having read all of the Harry Potter books before the kids were born. The books get progressively scarier (as do the movies)..and I agree with your little boy that Fluffy is really scary in the movie!

  16. I absolutely love the books! When the last book came out I had to stay up half the night making sure I finished it before school the next day as I knew my students would have read it and would spoil the ending for me!! :-)
    I'm so sad to be a muggle...

  17. I still remember racing to the store in the Uk the day one of the Harry potter books were released. The fourth one I think? I spent the day in the garden with my then four month old son feeing him and reading the book as he dozed beside me. All these years later we have just started reading them together as well.


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