Monday, November 15, 2010

There's maintenance - and then there's renovating

There are certain things in life that you put off. That you ignore. That you sometimes actively avoid. Then you go and do them and you remember why it was that you should do them more often. One of these things is going to the dentist (mind you, the biggest plus of that is the fact that once it's over you don't need to go again for a while). For me, getting to the hairdresser is another.

I know that a haircut is something that I should be writing in my diary every six weeks, and anticipating with glee. But, to be perfectly honest, I'm not much good at maintenance. I tend to wait until everything goes to rack and ruin and then try to rebuild from the ground up, so to speak. My brand new (and fabulous) eyebrow queen has taken this matter in hand and scheduled me in for appointments for the next six months. She assures me that it is not necessary to allow my brows to fade to nothingness before retinting them. There will be no Mr Potato Head shock if I take her advice. So she says.

The hairdressing sorority has not been so proactive. I thought I was managing quarterly appointments. My stylist today informed me that it was more like every five months. Not a great average.

Part of the problem is the sameness of my hair. There is only so much you can do with boofy redness. Too short and it's Raggedy Anne. Too long and it's Beyonce - only redder.

The sudden (and profuse) proliferation of greys, however, suggests that I need to step up my game. I made the switch to permanent colour about a year ago - no more fading of the semi, with no roots to speak of. Now I get a stripe. Subtle, but stripey. People ask me if I'm tired. They ask me if I've 'gone blonde'. No, I say, just washed out and grey. Thanks for asking.

This morning I went to get myself seen to. Waiting for my stylist, I sat and contemplated my face and hair under very bright lights. Hmmm. My stylist and I chatted about this and that - body image, air-brushing in magazines, holidays in Europe - as she applied the colour that she promised would lift my appearance from haggard to radiant. She shepherded me under the steamer, where I read a September issue of New Idea (nothing better than dated gossip, don't you find?), and then directed me to the basin. Otherwise known as the Pay Off.

Every time I get my hair washed - with complimentary scalp massage - I find myself wondering if I could manage to fit it in three times a week. Snuggled under my enormous plastic bib, feet up, eyes closed, goosebumpy chills running from head to foot. Too good.

During my haircut, my stylist revealed to me - and the rest of the salon - that she and 15 of her friends had 'made over' someone's house while they were off on their honeymoon. Repainted. Remodelled ('We decided to lose a wall'). Renovated. Stunned silence followed this statement.

"They don't know?" asked the woman in the seat next to me.

"Nope, it'll be such a thrill!" trilled my stylist. "They'll love it."

"You hope," said the woman.

The stylist didn't even bat an eyelid, all the confidence of youth personified. "Of course they will," she said. "It's been like one of those home renovation shows. Everywhere you look, someone is knocking down a wall or painting or replastering. I wish I could be there when they got home."

The woman next to me and I shared a look. "So do I!" we said, in harmony.

Apparently, they're coming back on Sunday. I'm almost tempted to book myself in for another haircut next week just to find out what happened. Or maybe just a hairwash...

PS: I love this image by esan01, on etsy - my kind of princess!


  1. Interesting how one person's 'breaking and entering with intent to vandalise' is another person's renovation...would love to know the outcome (actually I really need a haircut!!) xxx

  2. Another timely post for me - boy do I need a haircut! It's definitely time for a prune if not an all out lopping with secateurs.

    How funny about the house makeover. I would go absolutely nuts if someone did that to me. I used to be part of the makeover team on those shows and it was all about the reveal - shove them off to a hotel or something and then get their reaction when they came back. Hideous.

    You must go back and find out - can you pretend you left something there? Can we see before and after photos - of your hair AND the person's house?

  3. You can't leave us hanging like that, you will just HAVE to go again next week :)

  4. Remind me to change my locks before going on any out of town - extended trips!!!

  5. Hmm ... it would be interesting to find out the results.
    I need a haircut and colour - and a home makeover too!

  6. Need a professional hair cut badly last time I had one was about 2 years ago.

    Usually hubby trims my hair, but I must be strange as I can't stand how hairdressers want to poke into your life.

    That's why I love going to the school of hairdressing they ask if you want to chat & if you say no they are fine with that.

    A friend found that everything her hairdresser got told was then put onto the hairdressers blog for the whole world to read. Friend was happy she didnt share anything with the hairdresser.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  7. I get my hair trimmed in January.

    I may be alone in this, but I would be delighted if someone painted and preened my house while I snugged it up on honeymoon. Even the odd load bearing wall could be knocked through and I wouldn't mind a bit. It's the DECISIONS I hate about decorating and renovating. And this way the DECISIONS would all be made for me. "What shade of white paint would you like in the hallway?" Whatever. "Do you want this tap or this or this or this or..." Whatever."Square tiles, subway, oversized..." Kill me now. x

  8. Now you know you will have a bunch of readers making SURE you go back for your next appointment!
    Well played, Allison, well played. :)

  9. LOL @Toni. I never thought of it like that. You'll be emailing me reminders for sure. :-)

  10. Love a post that makes me laugh aloud. The reaction would be priceless I imagine. And you had me at scalp massage btw. Phoning to make app now.

  11. Yikes, i need to make those appointments too! Great post as usual.

  12. I'm about 4 months overdue for a haircut, but it was really short last time so it's not too bad right now. I trim across the top of my glasses if I can't see.

    I haven't dyed my hair in years, I'm quite liking this grey/brown look.

  13. Can't wait to see the new do! I still haven't arranged haircuts for the kids and they are beginning to look like cousin It! Must get onto that. I love the idea of a house renovation sans me. How fun!

  14. It's been almost a year since I had a haircut. I'm thinking I should arrange for another before I give birth in feb, because after that time the excuses will have multiplied!

    i'm in two minds about the renovations...we've been living with a half renovated kitchen and only half finished the painting since we moved in 4 years ago. it would be so lovely to have it all done by someone else! but knocking out a wall seems rather extreme and permanent!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back next week, or at least call for an update!

  15. ...and I was thinking, wow, would I trust someone who has the guts to do that to be my stylist? To put a cape on me, turn me away from the mirror, scissors and tint in hand? :)

    Hope you enjoy your new 'do! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't MultipleMum great? :)


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