Monday, March 7, 2011

How to gain instant music credibility

This post was all set to be about how the Genius at iTunes seems to be under the illusion that I am a complete dag. For those not familiar with the word dag, think of everything cool and hip and sohotrightnow - and then picture the opposite. That's a dag.

For some reason, I opened it up on Sunday and it was suggesting I buy singles by Jason Donovan, Ricky Martin, Take That and Guy Sebastian*. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Yep, a trip to the iTunes store can be one simple way for those over a certain age to see that they're really not, um, with it anymore.

Today's a different story. Today Genius is suggesting I purchase Sufjan Stevens, Little Birdy, and Happy Mondays.

There can be only one explanation for this.

Genius has found The Builder's playlists.

Music cred by association.

You've got to love marriage.

So tell me, what does your iTunes Genius say about you?

*Please let it be noted that I have never purchased anything by these artists. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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  1. My older brothers saw to it that I had wide musical tastes. My bedroom was flanked by theirs, so I had no choice but to listen to whatever they listened to (me being the little sister with no tape player or radio). Now I listen to everything I can get my hands on, though try to keep it clean as the kiddies are ALWAYS listening.
    My fav at the moment is Mark Ronson, although Adele is also getting a bit of love.

  2. I am loving both of those too! Mr4 in particular has taken to Adele - he keeps asking me to play that 'Humour hassock' (Rumour has it will never sound the same again).

  3. I've no idea what it says about me as it shits me up the wall so I either ignore it or close it.
    I have really developed a thing for Miranda Lambert lately - discovered without the assistance of bloody Genius! :)

  4. Surjan Stevens is hot! (looks wise not so sure about the music. Bought it for my husband for Christmas - for a minute thought he said Shakin' Stevens).

    Mine says I like film soundtracks (A Single Man, The Hours,) and Laura Marling but apart from that my taste is stuck firmly in my youth.

  5. Considering my last 3 purchases from iTunes was a variety of alternative rock and kids music, I think I've got the Genius confused ;)

  6. Can I admit that I cringe and click close close runaway when iTunes opens up on my desktop?

    I have no idea what Genius even is.

  7. If my Genius was REALLY a Genius, it would be suggesting old Young Talent Time soundtracks.
    Genius indeed.

  8. Just fired it up to see who it think I am today! It says :

    Glee Cast (Because I bought Black eyed peas!)
    Susan Boyle (I folded once and bought ONE single)
    CSS (I have no idea who/what that is)
    Ultravox (yep probably me)
    T.Rex (possibly)
    Cerys Matthews (who?0
    Richard Grey
    Bless beats
    Paul Weller

    I think Genius is generally rubbish but occassionally it catches my eye, I think this kind of focused marketing is hard and music is such a personal thing and like schange with mood etc. Difficult one to pitch really.

  9. Well, this is quite refreshing - Genius recommends today:

    Daft Punk
    Miranda Lambert (who sounds country)
    and some guy called Chopin....

    That's a fairly broad mix, I should think. It might be a bit distasteful to mash them all together and make a play list of all those genres but I love me my Genius :) I've become addicted to letting iTunes choose my listening for me.

  10. I have never used Genius. When it was first added to iTunes I turned it off straight away. Guess I don't like being told what to do!

    So just for you, I've turned it on. It suggests:
    Guster (?)

    Paul Kelly
    Wham! (clearly it's not much of a genius since I already have the songs it's recommending)

    Alex Lloyd
    Pete Murray
    Todd Rundgren
    Roxy Music (it's actually hit the spot with these last ones)

    Interesting. This could lead to hours of fun!

  11. I don't turn it on much either. Today it tells me I should buy Amy Meredith (because I bought some Short Stack songs for my 7 year old son).

    It also suggests Stone Temple Pilots, Grinspoon and Frenzel Rhomb; all of whom I have at least one song.

    But then it suggests Emmylou Harris and Lisa Mitchell. I can't really stand either of them. SO go figure...

  12. I have this saying about iTunes and I won't say it outright on your blog but ... iTunes is a young lady lacking in etiquette and without the ability to choose sexual partners discriminately.

  13. I-tunes has a genius? I have to check that out. Wonder what it would suggest for me? Given my taste for country music (Miranda Lambert among others), and the music of my youth. And the music my kids grew up with. A real mixed bag there.

  14. Sadly, Genius and I are not acquainted (in more ways than one).


  15. My i-tunes genius says i am not a genius when it comes to i-tunes genius. I don't know how to use i-tunes genius. For a music lover I am considerably NOT i-tunes savvy. My 'new music' tends to come to me by way of music festivals.

  16. I am possibly the only person on the planet without an iTunes account, so no Genius for me.

    That isn't to say that I don't listen to music. I do, I love it. I have an old Muph & Plutonic album in my car, and my mp3 player has Arcade Fire, Cloud Control, Kanye West, Jeff Buckley, Children Collide, and Dan Kelly (to name but a few). I love to pop it on random and congratulate myself in my excellent taste in music :-)

  17. Allison, I LOVE this post! My music taste according to Apple Genius is all music I hate. (And what hubby LOVES.)

    You are so right on this one. xx


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