Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's your fallback lunch position?

When I first started using Twitter, people who were not fans were aghast. "Why would you want to know what people are eating for lunch?" they asked. Answer: I don't, but there's more going on than that.

Except now I'm about to blog about my lunch. Specifically, my fallback lunch menu. Feel free to look away now.

Being at home a lot, as I am, means that I'm pretty much confined to eating whatever's in the fridge or pantry for lunch. How I well remember the days of working in the city and having to actually make a decision about lunch. Pho? Sandwich? Turkish? Lebanese? Soup? Salad? Sushi?

Oh my.

These days, more often than not, there is no choice. There is only what I like to call the Single Girl Special: a tin of tuna mixed with a can of chickpeas. A sprinkle of pepper. Eat, standing over the kitchen bench.

So named because I basically survived on it during my years in my studio flat and various share accommodation arrangements.

Simple. Nutritious. Boring.

Much like this blog post.

What's your fallback lunch position?

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  1. Tuna effing salad here. Or if I am splashing out on the processed carbs, a ham, cheese and mustard toastie.

    Or if it is a very "my body is a temple" kind of day, an egg white omelette.

    Oh my goodness, I bore myself.

  2. if there are leftovers, i wrap it in pastry or these days, throw it in the pie maker. probably not the healthiest option ...

  3. I am shocked to the core at what has become of our fallback tuna salad. Fibrotown has not been kind. I still have the TS Special with the salad and the Spanish onion and the too-much carrot and the cashews and the rest. I never grow tired of it (that is lie). I would be delighted to give up my Pho and eat this every single day (also a lie). And this post / my comment wasn't boring at all (...) x

  4. Crackers with peanut butter and chocolate milk- my lunch at home.
    Never tried the chickpeas with the tuna - thanks for the tip
    thanks for the good blog post too :)

  5. Do you really live in a fibro house? My Grandma lived in a green fibro house...
    Oh back to lunch, bread from the freezer stash, toast it, slice the cheese grill it... yummo, add tomato for healthy option ;-)

  6. weetbix! (makes your tuna salad look like a veritable gourmet dish :-))

  7. oh - my fall back lunch is one of those microwave brown rice packets that are ready in 90 seconds, with a great big dollop of natural greek yoghurt and lashings of black craked pepper!!

    And like you - always eaten standing up, at the kitchen bench!!


  8. tuna wrap (the mountain bread)
    Usually with baby spinach, capsicum, cucumber and sometimes avocado.
    Sometimes I get so bored of my lunch I feel ill...
    and then I go for a toasted cheese, ham and avo sammich.

  9. For me, it's a cheese and sandwich relish sandwich. I know...weird, huh?

    Hubby actually likes a tin of tuna mixed with baked beans. Ugh! Chickpeas sound better. :)

  10. Wow that's actually what I used to eat pretty much every night when I was single, broke, and living in a grotty bedsit in London! Still love it.

  11. When all else fails, there is always toast, 2 minute noodles (I know... how revolting!) or cheese on crackers. Thank heavens my fall back lunch plan only happens once or twice a week :o/

  12. Very nutritious. And think of all the calories you burn opening not one, but TWO cans. This is why single girls are so slim.
    I'm partial to a vege-cado cruskit. Baby food. Num num.
    Not boring: funny, cheeky, but not boring. ;)

  13. I'm loving hearing what folks have for lunch... Can you do breakfast next? Lunch is too often the breakfast leftovers, so sad: banana smoothie, half eaten bits of toast. Boring but I hate throwing edible food out.

    My fave is to melt cheddar cheese in the microwave, then pour off the fat and wind the stringy melted cheese round a fork. Yum!

  14. Mine is scrambled eggs on toast with a bit of tomato sauce and salt & pepper.Simple, easy, always available in the fridge. Yum. Also great when everyone else eats all the leftovers and there is none left for yourself. I love it.

  15. Chicken noodle soup and a slice of bread. or nuts mixed in yoghurt if I'm really lazy which I genearally am! Never thought about doing that with chickpeas. I only ever throw them in a curry

  16. My lunch today: Cruskits, avocado, chicken, cream cheese and Spanish onion (with a handful of cashews). And that's as fancy as it gets.
    My fall back ... toasted cheese sambo with a hand full of potato chips. Oh yeah, and there is always that can of tuna ...

    (The word verification today is mican. No kidding. Mican. Now that's a good name for the single girls tuna lunch)

  17. Oooh I like this game, boring lunch and word verification.
    I used to be a tuna/chickpea girl, but now I'm a rocket/watermelon/maybe a few olives girl. Cheap. Savoury sweet and delicious.
    And the word verification is....

  18. Tuna sandwich. Or a packet of rice crakers. Barbeque.

    There. That was FASCINATING, wasn't it. Aren't you glad you asked?

    Great post though ;) xx

  19. Oh my...you are all too too healthy! How about my favourite - the manny special - courtesy of the cafe i used to go to breakfast to every morning at uni. Brown bread (brown as you can get, but still fluffy)spread with promite !! YES I said promite!! then slices of tomato on top and cheese sliced on top of that. Pop it in the griller till the cheese melts, take it out and slive avocado on top of all that. Heaven!!

    None of this tuna stuff for me. My healthy fall back is baby spinach, nuts,goats cheese and paw paw salad. Yum.


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