Thursday, March 10, 2011

Progress report

Thanks to all your enthusiastic - very enthusiastic, I must say - whip cracking, my non-fiction book is beginning to take shape. Using 'take shape' in the sense of 'has begun by doing lots of research and hope to have another completed chapter by early next week'. That's a shape, right?

Which is my way of saying, I'm not posting (much) today because I am writing.

No complaints. After all, it's all your fault. There was that much whip-cracking going on, both on this blog and on Twitter, that I felt as though I'd fallen through the looking glass into an Annie Oakley show.

Thank you. No, really.

PS: I'm guest posting today over at We Heart Life - it's a timely post.

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  1. How exciting. Is that a whip I hear? :0

  2. Great news.
    And, can I just say I love that picture!

  3. Excellent effort! You've done well to even post anything with all that writing on your plate :o)

  4. I'm so impressed Allison. I need a whipping just to get the confidence to pitch my book idea... never mind write it too!

  5. O My God - I think I have to have that poster. My hubby would roll his eyes in the back of his head so far they might actually stick.
    He constantly calls me a Font Nerd - yes; yes I am.

  6. Please get cracking, polish that book off early and see if Penguin would publish it this year as my need is great, not sure I can wait!

  7. No need to apologize for focusing on your book. I think your readers understand that! :) Congrats with your progress.


  8. When can I pre-order? :)

  9. Um...NO! I want a blog post too!


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