Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Rewind

I am full of Chinese food and beer and pretty much empty of inspiration tonight, so we'll cut to the chase. Welcome to the Weekend Rewind, the web's easiest linky. All you have to do to participate is to follow the Fibro if we're not already friends, drag one of your old posts out into the air (kicking and screaming, if necessary) and link it up for some new comment love.

Got it? Fablious.

Today's prompt is, in keeping with our months of the year trend, August. All I can think of is the seminal Neil Diamond album Hot August Night, but I blame my parents and too many hours in the Kingswood for this. 'Sweet Caroline' anyone? (Bah, Bah, Bah.)

I'm open to better August tunes. But more open to August posts (from 2010 or earlier). If you'd can't do August, give me something cool. Neil Diamond is cool. Apparently.

Okay. Everyone set? Rewind!


  1. lol I could do with a beer with the start to the weekend but I have a 2 year old who thinks anything from a can looks yummy so I'll save the beer for later tonight. A great way to link for the weekend!

  2. Oh, I LOVE that album! I asked my hubby to buy it for me so I can reminisce those Wonder Years all over again. What great memories! xx

  3. ...good times never seemed so good!
    I've been inclined [ba! ba! bah!], to believe they never would - oh no....

    I remember many dinner parties from my childhood when I would sneak out from my bedroom as the 'After Dinner Mints' and coffee were being handed out and listening to Neil do his thing and watching the Mums in their slinky maxi dresses and the Dads with their huge sideburns and safari suits - ah those were the days!

    Felicity x

    PS Have stuffed up my post for this week. After adding a little at the bottom of the original post, I've managed to publish it today vs reposting it on the original August date, but I'm sure you won't smack me too hard. x F

  4. Been to the Bowlo? or somewhere more extravagant?

    I'm airing the blog bookmarks.

    I reckon I might bring them back as a monthly thing?

  5. Not sure if I should be admitting this, but I am a not-so-closet huge Neil Diamond fan! There are just so many classics! Although to be honest I haven't listened to him for far too long. I think the kids and I may just be dancing to him played very loudly tomorrow morning... they do actually already know one of his songs thanks to Shrek...

  6. Brilliant idea! Takes me back to last August when I remembered but for a Sliding Door I could have been a lesbian living in Sydney

  7. Allison
    It's 5am the next morning and I'm STILL full of Chinese takeaway and coke zero.

    It was fine sweet and sour pork though.

    Have a great weekend. Might get out the Neil Diamond... does the Glee version of Sweet Caroline count? Just joking.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  8. Hello, first time posting to the Rewind which has become fave weekend reading (who has time for the paper??). So, not August, not cool... trying for funny, nervously.

  9. But I love 'Sweet Caroline'!!! x

  10. I got hysterical giggles joining the rewind today. Your post, about clitorises. Is that the correct plural or is it clitori? I'm not sure.

  11. As usual - love the rewind. Which post did Sarah read - "clitorises" ?? I couldn't find them.

  12. It was Al's guest post on my blog last year Annie. In August. I rewound it at the Fibro today.

  13. Okay, I think I've worked out how to do this, so I've added my link and I hope it works. Mmmm, coffee....


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