Monday, May 9, 2011

Timing is everything

Do you find that time is a flexible beast? I never seem to allow enough of it to do what needs doing. I'm always thinking 'I'll be able to do X, Y and Z' in that allotted period of time... and then discover that I don't get much beyond X and fret about Y and Z.

I'm off to the Big Smoke today. Normally when I go, I schedule meetings all over the place and find myself running from one end of town to the other. This time, I have nothing on except the reason that I'm going. One thing. So I decided I'd put my train trip back until later in the day. To give me, you know, time to get things done this morning.

Only I haven't. Got things done, that is. Oh, I've done 'stuff'. Tidied here, tweeted there, straightened up in the other corner, organising and scheduling. But not the solid task I set out to achieve. My time management skills are sadly lacking.

Fortunately, there's a three-hour train trip between me and the Big Smoke. Plenty of time to achieve my task.

Or is it?

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  1. i am horrible at time management, i am very easily distracted and no, i never allocate enough time to a task. it is one of my biggest "issues"! Hope you managed to make good use of the 3 hour train ride?

  2. Oh that nagging feeling that the day is going to disappear before you know it and there is all this stuff that you want to get done and the anxiety in knowing that you most likely not.

    But then at the end of the day you do have to remind yourself what you may have in fact achieved. I have to think have I cuddled my love ones enough, have I listened properly.

    The train ride might be some nice time for a daydream or a little catch up sleep. Hope there are no crazys talking to you too much.

    Keep safe

    jill x

  3. I am starting to come to terms with the feelings of "if it doesn't get done, it probably wasn't that important anyway." because if I'm always putting it off until tomorrow, then I must not really need to do it after all. Time to de-junk I say!

  4. I was told once to do the most important thing on my to do list and not fret about the rest. Start with the hardest thing, and the rest will be a doddle.

    Can I do it?


    Hope your 3 hour train ride was not derailed.

  5. Deer Baby has good advice. But I'm the same, I always start off with the easy stuff, or the regular stuff, and the hard stuff just stays hard and unfinished. *sigh*
    I love a train ride though, always good for finishing off homework at the last minute.

  6. Always doing the hardest thing is the hardest thing. But it works, as a time management tool.

    Al, if its any consolation, I too struggle with this. And I studied time and motion and got paid to manage mullti million dollar projects. Mad.

    I am fine at home. We are always on time and we get everything done. Routine is all.

    The minute I have to step out of the well worn groove...time runs away with me...

    Hope you enjoyed the big smoke...

  7. Ah, how I identify ... my time management is poor at the best of times. But fortunately I have many time honoured excuses up my sleeve to cover all eventualities. My favourite ones at the moment are: Children and Twitter. They serve me very well as I explain away my messy home to my MIL ... I hope that you got to the big smoke and idly whiled away many hours buying trinkets and lolling on leather sofas drinking expensive coffee : )

  8. I must admit that time management is one of my strong points, particularly with appointments and scheduling the day. Where I lack is being able to switch off. When I am on a roll with writing or work I could go forever, but other things need my time!
    Hope your day ended out okay!

    (mmm, my word veri is 'liess' what is that saying??

  9. I'm not too bad at time management, but I do kid myself that I have super powers and can get way more done than I actually physically can. And then I kill myself doing them anyway. Kind of sucks, but I don't seem to be learning... x


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