Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Oh, how I love me a Rewind. I know that when I pull out my little pink cassette image that Friday is upon us and a weekend's great reading is ahead of me. Love it. 

So, without further ado, we'll just get to it, shall we? The drill remains as per usual: follow the Fibro if we are not already friends, link up an old post for some new comment love, and then visit as many other links as you are able to share the warmth and Rewind friendship. As always, I will tweet and stumble the posts that resonate most with me to share them with a wider audience. Ah, it's so much fun.

Because I am freezing in the Fibro right now, I have decided that the prompt for this week is 'chill'. And, of course, immediately the soundtrack from The Big Chill starts playing in my 1980s brain. "Jooooy to the world...All the boys and girls...." Etcetera. For your link, think cold, or think relaxed. Either/or works for me.

I've chosen to bring a little Fibrotown Fable out of the archive freezer: Stone Cold Poetry at the Drycleaners.

Okay, that's all the formalities out of the way. So.... Ready, set, Rewind.


  1. Oh my gosh - I found a post about ice skating from Day 4...4! was there ever a Day 4?? It seems such a long time ago!
    Any way, all linked up :-)
    have a great weekend Allison

  2. No way. I just this second posted my Grateful post. Which is titled The Big Chill....

    I have goosebumps on every level now...

    Have a good weekend Al. X

  3. My blog feels too young to start rewinding yet. My only 'chill out' post is today's therefore not a rewind. Will keep watching for a time to jump in. xKate

  4. Joining in for the first time in a while! Will catch up on the links tomorrow. x

    I wrote a series of posts in my very first month of blogging called Rainy Days. I've linked up Part III, because it captures the rainy days we were experiencing during school holidays at the time very well, and you def don't need to read the previous two to know what's going on.

    Have a lovely weekend, Al. Off to read your post now. ;) x

  5. My blog is a summer baby, so I'm sitting this one out.
    Love your poetry at the dry cleaners post.
    I'm waiting to meet my tradesman poet - I'm sure he's out there, perhaps driving a concrete truck?

  6. Hi, I know it's Sunday, but is it to late to join in the fun? If not, I'll just wait til next week, lol! It does look like fun.

  7. Never too late! It's open until 9pm. :-)

  8. I forgot your weekend finished before mine was half through! Never mind, next week I will try to think ahead...

  9. Oops! I missed it this time, but next week I will!


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