Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Rewind

What's in store for your weekend? Mine will be all about friends, family and a little bit of adventure. Sounds good, no? But, in the meantime, we Rewind!

If you're new to the Rewind, the protocol is simple: friend the Fibro if we're not already acquainted, and then just link up an old post for some new comment love. Don't forget to visit as many links as possible to share the comment love far and wide. If you're an old hand at the Rewind, welcome back and you can skip this paragraph. Oh.

The theme for this week is... community. Of the blogging kind, of the actual kind, of the imaginary kind.

Because I'm going to be offline for much of the weekend, I'm linking up my post right here: Crinkles on the road to happiness.

That's it.

Ready, set... Rewind!


  1. This is where blogging gets all postmodern and self-referential - my post is actually a grateful post for Maxabella. Hope this is OK.
    Happy weekend. :)

  2. Funny comment above from Karen 'cos here I am second on the commenting list... ah, the wonderful world of blogging!

    AND I linked to your Weekend Rewind today.

    AND my post is about the wonderful world of blogging.

    OM freakin G! x

  3. Thanks Allison, I've posted once again and once again I'm stretching the topic a bit. one of these days I'll get it

  4. Hi Allison, I've linked up two posts in one. Hope that's not bending the rules too much - I couldn't decide! Enjoy your weekend offline!

  5. Great idea! Mine's about the Tribal Wives of Baltimore and their fashion faux pas.

  6. My post is about celebrating the some the readers of my blog. Funnily Frog Goose Bear is featured! It is a small world x

  7. Hi! Had so much fun my first time last week with your meme, so I'm back for good:P My post is about speaking up as a community for kids

  8. Hello there, haven't got a post to link (too newbie, not enough variety of posts!) but will enjoy a roam around the Rewind... in between covering my ears every time i hear: 'Muuuuuum!'

  9. Hi Allison! I love rewinding at yours, but just couldn't find anything decent for this week! Slim pickings in my writing, for sure. Will just have to enjoy the other offerings on your delectable blog...see you next week!! xxxxx

  10. Dear Al,
    I am asking to be "excused" this weekend.
    My posts - the rewindable ones - are off at the blog renewers... And I am sad about no weekend rewind... But
    I hope I'll be BACK next weekend!!! Denyse x


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