Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Well now. Blogger crashed and put paid to the usual starting time for the Weekend Rewind. But we shall not be daunted, shall we? No. Instead, we shall conduct the thrash metal version of the mixed tape this week. Fast, furious, full of passion.

We have no time for niceties, so here's the drill: become a friend of Fibro if we are not already sharing our most intimate thoughts. Link up an old post to share with the Fibro community and, then, and this is key, especially this week when we are light on time, go visit some other links to share the comment love.

In honour of the Blogger fail, this week's prompt is... blogging. Any post that you have ever written that deals with blogging. If you happen to have one on how to back up your Blogger blog, now would be a good time to bring it out.

Right. Let's do it. Ready, set, Rewind.


  1. I could only find a post I did last week about passing on some blogger awards. I don't know if that counts, so I'm sitting this one out, but I'll be reading all the fab rewinds that come through.

  2. Funny. I looked at the first linky and thought, 'Hey...didn't Al right about that herself?' Duh. Was yours.

    I'm just here to say hi, as I won't be linking up this week because I'm yet to read last week's entries from everyone! So will hopefully spend some time doing that tomorrow when there's no soccer or gardening or getting ready for a 1920s party tonight kinda stuff going on. ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Got to rewind about the launch of my blog on Jan 1st 2011. Such a short time ago but on reflection seems so long ago. Off now to visit and comment on what looks like a very interesting list of links.

  4. Yay, so glad to be joining for the first time! I don't blog about blogging as such, but I added a post where I talked about my year in review of my blog. Hope that's ok:)

  5. Topping and Tailing I am...with your family members..
    Here on Rewind at the Fibro I have linked my VERY first post on
    memoriesbydenyse Dec 2010
    and over at Maxabella's Grateful Sat I have posted my 64th and final post...from memoriesbydenyse
    Self hosted by my ISP through WordPress template.

    STOP PRESS: new domain name.
    NEW Blog title...yet to be unveiled
    and with a WordPress theme...and ..Im excited... Thanks for rewind... sorry I'm late. XX

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I came here by clicking on somebody's link (I forget who). I'm glad I did, because I think this is a good idea: a themed blog hop. I'm in! I did a vlog about my blog name a little over a week ago. Put the link up here.

  8. Just squeezing in... my blog roll didn't update with your new weekend rewind post. Darn that Blogger!

    I enjoyed the forced time off a lot. I'm going to have an extra day a week where I'm off the blogs. x


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