Friday, September 16, 2011

Grateful to have a guest post

I have been following Maxabella's progress around the internet this week. You see her here, you see her there, my Lord the girl is everywhere. 

I'm blaming her for the string of 'Run' songs that have been on high rotation in my head this week - Run To You (Bryan Adams), Keep On Running (Spencer Davis Group), Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen). You need to imagine me with an imaginary hairbrush in my hand, singing these songs to my bewildered children. I'm pretty sure Alla Hoo Hoo is singing back up. Anyhoo...

Fortunately for me, Maxabella has washed up in the Fibro in time for a weekend post. Joining in with Maxabella's Grateful linky, which is being guest-hosted this week by the lovely Brenda at Mira Narnie. I'm grateful that she's here.

This week I'm grateful for... silly schemes
I imagine as I write this that I am actually in the (partly) newly-renovated Fibro, tapping away on Al's Mac and listening to the boys arguing on the blue back deck outside my window. Mr4 is growing up fast, but his adoration of Mr7 continues. These days I suspect that Mr7 is quickly realising that he might just have to dispense a little adoration back. Four year olds are tough, man.

Ah brothers, huh? Ah, sisters.

This week I'm grateful for...

172. Silly schemes - especially when cooked up with a chortling sister and no-one else thinks it's even remotely funny.

173. Frozen food* - since getting my additional freezer space courtesy of my good parents, I haven't looked back. Everything I make on the weekend, I make double and freeze some for weeknights.

174. Blue Ribbon 97% fat free Cookies and Cream ice cream - I know that 97% fat free food will send me to an early grave, but have you tasted this stuff? Ooh la la!

*And little mentions

Cheers to a great week where everyone is really nice to you and your hair looks good every single day.



  1. Oh love, a week where my hair looks good every single day? Ain't gonna happen - but worth dreaming of x

  2. frozen food is so great. sometimes i congratulate past me when I come home, with no idea or inclination of cooking, and find a delicious meal in the freezer. so easy. what did they used to do before freezers? (uhh before electricity .. ) x

  3. Oh Yes! That blue ribbon cookies and cream is to die for. I could eat a whole tub. But that is bad. No?

  4. I wish I could get into the habit of freezing extra meals, I always think I should but never do!

  5. Too cute. Chortling going on here too. Lovely gratefuls, happy weekend to both of you. :)

  6. I say go for the double fudge mcflurry at Macca's...did the gal thing where you say you wont have any and then eat all of it...

  7. Lovely to see you here divine Miss M. Here's to a week where high heels don't hurt and silly schemes that come to fruition xx

  8. seriously bron, this like a game of Scotland Yard trying to guess where you will pop up next!!!! I LOVe it! And it makes me a little dizzy, me hosting Gratefuls and you being over at your sisters being grateful....Well i think your list is fab....and when im next at woolies, cookies and cream is going in the trolle (97% ff) of course ;-)


  9. I hope you ladies have a great weekend together!

    The concept of a week of perfect hair is very alluring.

    And I love the Fantasea cartoon. Made my day.

  10. 173. - yes, yes, yes!! I barely cook during the weeks now! It's all reheating happening here!
    174. yes, yes, yes!!!!!!! Delish!

  11. It's true no one quite gets your jokes like a sister huh?

  12. I feel like I am swimming in the fanta sea!

    97% fat free, really good? Hmm..

    Happy weekend!

  13. Oh you two are already having a good weekend! I can tell...

    Enjoy the jokes that only you understand, and that fat free ice cream. They say that low fat isn't good for you because you eat more of it thinking it's low fat.

    As for me, I'm all for the Good Stuff. Full fat. Eggs. Cream. Real sugar. (And I can't believe I'm not the size of a house the way I eat!)

    But back to you guys. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  14. I love when real world and blog world collide in the nicest ways.
    Happy weekend to both you gorgeous girls!

  15. what a great idea about big cooks on the weekend.. Im going to start doing this too!! thanks

  16. No, no, I just don't believe in that manufactured ice cream nonsense! And 97% fat free... how can that be ice cream... where's the cream??

    I do love a bit of ice cream, all part of a healthy balanced diet, but it's gotta be the real mccoy.

  17. Yum Cookies and Cream! And of course 97% fat free is good for you. We all need some fat in our diet, 3% cant be bad!!!!Dairy is good for us females to ward off osteoporosis xx

  18. I'm a freezer crazy gal as well. It is a satisfying thing to have the future planned.

  19. So when we talk about freezer meals and cookies and cream ice cream in the same breath, am I the only one thinking they might be the same thing?


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