Monday, September 12, 2011

So then I got an iPhone... well, nearly

You may remember that I wrote this post detailing why I wasn't getting an iPhone for Christmas last year. In precis, it had a lot to do with the fact that I was concerned, and The Builder was certain, that I would develop co-dependency issues. At that point, I was very caught up in the cyber world.

But life moves on.

Over the past eight months, two things have happened. One is that my love affair with blogging and tweeting has moved beyond those heady days of intoxicating love into phase two of any relationship - comfortable-on-the-sofa-watching-DVD mode. I am no longer seduced at every turn and bewitched by my new passion. Instead, I have traded in the sexy lingerie for cotton and can be found thinking occasionally (last night for instance), 'not tonight dear, I've got a headache'.

The second thing that has happened is that my trusty hot-pink Nokia is no longer so trusty. Apparently it's developed an 8.5-year itch and has proved to be very unreliable of late. It never has the energy to talk to me anymore and keeps diverting calls and failing to pass on messages. I'd think there was someone else, but, frankly, I think the old thing is past it.

So here I am. At the crossroads. It seems silly, even to an entrenched old Luddite like me, to willfully go out and buy another antiquated no-camera, no-internet, not-very-smart phone, so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon, albeit five years late, and get that iPhone. I think I am beyond being a Late Adopter. I'm just showing up early for the next trend (iPhones are practically old skool now, right?).

All of which begs today's big question - which Apps are must-haves? Anything else I need to know? Lay it on me. I need all the help I can get.


  1. Traded in your sex lingerie for cotton blogging. Hahaa.. love that.

    I'm an Android girl - and I don't deviate further from the usuals - YouTube, IMDB and The Twitter is what I use mine for... and taking photos of fashion crimes in the grocery store :)

  2. hahaha!!! Welcome! I have only just got myself an iphone as my little LG was having conniptions everytime, i like, made a call! funny that! I'm not that huge with the apps, and I'm a bit of a geek, so i love the "to do" app which organises lists, i love ibooks which enables me to buy books online and read whenever, wherever, and i love "retro camera" - hey, have fun xx

  3. The excuse is... now you can take your own pics for your blog and make them look cool with Instagram or Hipstamatic! Enjoy.

  4. HAHAHA! Love the underwear analogy. I upgraded my underwear today - still cotton, but in a different colour. I know, I'm so risque.
    I will be coming back to check the comments. Mr Karen lost his phone (again!) and mine is ancient. We are both in the market for iPhones and need all the help we can get. I've heard there is an app that can trace a lost phone within one metre ... THAT is an app we would find useful.

  5. I'm a bit boring. Love my weather app so I can check the weather anywhere in the world. Which I do, like right now it is 19 in NYC, 20 in Paris and 6 here!
    Also love Instagram the photo app which I just got.
    Also have a music app Sound Hound, which listens to a song and tells you the name of it and the artist - cool.
    I also have the Pac Man game - extra cool!
    Yes I'm a nerd :)

  6. I'm jealous - I am still on my super old nokia, but our mobile reception is so sketchy on the farm that we can only use certain phones, and an iphone isn't one of them.

  7. I've been having more "headaches and nights off too.

    Congrats on 18 months of continuous blogging with only 1 night off! Dedication!

    Maybe you can write 10 blogging hints to rival Maxabella's 10 tips for staying in love.

    I too have an android and love photoshake, a torch and the obvious tweet and blogger apps.

  8. iPhone! The apps are actually really, really handy for things beyond blogging.

    Did you know that if you're obsessed (is that just me and husband?) with the Bureau of Meteorology radars, that there is an app to track storms while on the go?

    And as for blogging, with the BlogPress app, you could actually blog straight from your phone ... if the urge to put on some sexy lingerie ... um ... arose ;)

  9. Oh, I so love your metaphors. So original!

    All my family except one of my step daughters have iPhones. The black sheep of the family (you can call her Leah), refused to buy one on principle. Bought one of those android thingies. She swears by it, but if you are a Mac lover (also like the rest of my family), you can't go past getting the littler version.

    As for apps... oh my mind boggles. You take photographs? Download Hipstamatic (awesome photos), TiltShiftGen (cool effects), Diptic (to do a photo collage), Camera FX (for online photo editing), Instagram (to share your photographs).

    Like to get organised? Shopmate (Coles shopping list, recipes and specials), GiftBox (great for organising gifts for family).

    Games? Scrabble! (Words with Friends).

    That's all I have worth recommending!

    And have fun with your new, er, toy. xx

  10. I say go to a cafe, allow a few hours and you will be in love with your phone.

    If you want to stay 'true' try and never refer to it as your 'i' Phone. As in, most people say, I missed a call on my iPhone, they would never have said I just missed a call on my LG675. Apple marketing is so strong, we replace their names in our everyday language.

    I don't want to end up like my mum, still asks for the sticky tape as the 'durex'!

  11. Sad to hear of the demise of your hot pink nokia. I remember first hearing about it when you commented on my post (I'm not the alien, it's an effing android) a few months ago.

    Eventually I did get up to speed with it despite dropping it and breaking the screen within days.

    Looking forward to hearing how you fair with an all singing, all dancing new phone. Best of luck! :)

  12. LOVE your blogging analogy. I have moved even beyond the headache mode and appear to be off looking to get some elsewhere!

    Get the iPhone. You won't regret it. Don't let the kids get that stupid Talking Karl app and you will be AOK.


  13. I have not the best history with phones. Am currently on my mother-in-laws cast off but it is fab! My partner just asked me if I thought I could be 'responsible' for an iphone! (I am still not sure lol). It could never replace my Ipad which has absolutely saved my life this year - sturdy, well-connected, sleek but not small, perfecto!I will be following your progress!

  14. I highly, highly recommend the Camera+ app for taking and editing pictures. It has revolutionized my blogging. Also, the Photosynth app is great for taking panoramics. And Words with Friends is great if you just need a new way to waste hours of your day. I almost wish I never downloaded that one.

  15. I love love love my iPhone and would never have anything else now. The iPhone 4 is great and should be reasonably priced now as they are about to refresh the line in the next couple of months or so (well in the UK anyway, I assume Apple do it worldwide at around the same time).
    Enjoy all the thousands of great apps. x

  16. two brilliant, free aps to help you get - and stay - organised.

    Evernote (a dumping ground for all kinds of info, searchable, even handwriting)

    ourgroceries (synced shopping list, can email it, you'll never double up or run out again).


    Lissanne / SORTED!

  17. Apps?

    Jings! Had mine for over a year and do bugger all with it that I never did with my old phone. Although, it did get me out of the woods I'd managed to get lost in once.

  18. Hmm ive just got an iPhone and after being a dedicated blackberry user for years i hate to admit it but im not loving it nor do i see the hype about them... oh well maybe a few more apps will make it more appealing.

  19. Ooh - I love iphones. But... they break very easily. Admittedly, one I accidentally left on the road for a truck to run over (a flat tire was involved) so it might not have been that easily broken. But another 2 cracked under the merest toddler-pressure. Luckily apple are fairly good at replacing them... (for a fee!)
    Have fun with the new toy!

  20. Al, I had my iPhone for about a year before I downloaded any apps. I did use the camera on it, and the standard little things that come automatically (Basically, the weather. I'm a thrill a minute, me.)

    However, I now have my email and Twitter linked. I did download Blogpress and have used it once.

    Just do not get Angry Birds.....I am totally NOT a gaming kinda girl, but I am truly addicted. Tragic.

    Instagram is tops.

  21. I don't do iPhones. I am however considering getting an iMac. Slightly more expensive though...


  22. My faves are twitter, Pocket Weather, Plants vs Zombies and Phase 10. And because the kids now iPod touches, we all share the same games... very cost efficient!

  23. I'm an android girl and really the only things I use a lot on my phone are Twitter, email, texts and Words with Friends. I have teh Blogger app but frankly I don't understand it. Oh and Camera 360.

  24. Apps! So handy! If you're a public transportation kind of gal, major cities have great apps for bus schedules or train stops, etc. I can easily get myself just about anywhere in the city and on time.

    I also love the NY Times and NPR news apps. Pandora has a great app for internet radio. I use Yelp often to find restaurants and reviews. If you're a runner, Nike has a great app to track your miles and routes and incent you when you reach certain goals.

    There's really an app for just about anything these days. It can be overwhelming initially but I recommend trying out the free apps and many have upgrade options to the paid versions if you really like them. Have fun!


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