Sunday, September 4, 2011

Home Sweet Fibro

We are home at the Fibro and the boys are running around in circles in giddy delight. Something about being in their own space, surrounded by their own stuff, is just so happy-making that their little bodies can't contain it. Our new bathroom is an absolute delight, light and bright and white. Pics soon if I can work out how to manage them.

The Builder was determined to wake up here for Fathers' Day, so we spent yesterday in a frenzy of final touches... not to mention ferrying our stuff back from Mum and Dad's house. I don't recall taking so much gear over there. It must have missed us and moved in by itself. But now we are all reunited at the Fibro and all is right with the world. Or it will be, once I remember to pick up those little things I keep forgetting.

Fibrotown turned on glorious weather for Fathers' Day. And we had one of those days where it all went right. Instead of eating McDonald's for lunch on the way home in the car (simply because we forgot to book anywhere forgetting how busy these occasions can be) we ate a civilised meal in a Spanish deli with two surprisingly well-behaved children (I did wonder if we'd picked up the wrong ones at the market by mistake...).

We did some wine tasting (if you haven't visited Morellis Wines near Berry you are missing out - the most stunning scenery and a very cheeky verdelho as well), we bought some antique what-nots. Mr4 was heard to complain at one point that Fathers' Day wasn't really very fun for him but, once it was explained to him that Fathers' Day was not really about him, he subsided.

And then, at the end of it all, home. Who could ask for more than that?

What did you get up to for Fathers' Day?

[image: love this print by DefineDesign11/etsy]


  1. Woo hoo! Gotta love a sparkling bathroom!

    We had a picnic and the kids enjoyed flying their kits. It was perfect. I still haven't unpacked the picnic basket though. That can wait until tomorrow!

  2. Mr 4! Is it not enough he gets his own day once a week: Mr 4 Day?
    We had a nice father's day too. Our date with Grandad at a local garden got washed out, but we rearranged things and it all worked out in the end.
    Enjoy your Fibro love fest. :)

  3. Can't wait to see the bathroom, I'm sure it's lovely.
    We too ate out with our three KAT's, a momentous occasion - eating out in public with no tantrums (from me that is)!!!!

  4. Happy homecoming!
    There really is no place like home.
    We've spent most of our Father's day around ours too.
    Playing with gifts and having Hubby's family over.

  5. Well done with the timing!
    We dined in for Father's Day which was good for wine consumption and subsequent nanna nap.
    Only downside, husband has completely stuffed his back - spine currently shaped like S Bend and complaining a lot!

  6. I'm so pleased for you guys - back home again and a beautiful new bathroom. Can't wait to see the piccies. Going to go and look up the winery link. I love Berry!! xx

  7. Hello. Father's Day? Where are you, and when is the day celebrated? I am in California. Father's Day is in June.

    I guess I need to backtrack on your stories to learn a bit more about you......

  8. Ahhhh. Wonderful. Home again home again, jiggedy jig.

    Sounds like Father's Day was a huge success. Must be so lovely to be home.

    I need kitchen snaps too.

  9. What a great Father's Day gift for The Builder! (and for the rest of the fam... enjoying a lovely new bathroom)

    I haven't 'done' Father's Day yet. The father of my kids is now the father of someone elses kid and lives in another State. My kids are 'grown ups' so they take it in their stride. I'm assuming they called him, can't be sure though. (Selfish buggers they are most of the time!)
    I spent the day suffering from flu and trying to study for an exam. Planning a Father's Day gathering with my siblings and my daddy next week. That suited all of us better,afterall... what's one Sunday from the next?

  10. Congratulations on making it back home! Not Father's Day here- that's in June. But it is Labour Day work for anyone on Monday . School starts the following day for this year.

  11. So great! I can't wait to see the new bathroom! It is always wonderful to snuggle down into your own bed in your own bedroom in your own home huh? Could Mr4 be the funniest person on the planet? He cracks me up every time he is mentioned on your blog. Love him x

  12. Congrats on the reno's! Must be lovely to be home again. We had a rather quiet Father's Day, just pottering about the house but it was just lovely to be together xx

  13. There's nothing quite like home, with all your favourite things around you.
    I remember whatnots, my mum had three of them in odd corners. I always wanted one, but never got one until I was in a house that just didn't have an odd corner to put it in. It was always in the way....

  14. Love that you were back home for Father's Day. Good to have a goal like that (get's you home MUCH quicker!)

    We enjoyed the lovely weather by spending it in the garden and getting it back to it's pre-loved condition. Renovating our kitchen has taken its toll on our garden.

    But it's looking delightful now! So the kitchen is next then??


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