Thursday, September 15, 2011

Your chance to vote for a dream

I've always loved a 'do-er'. People who get in and get on with things. Lots of people talk about stuff. About writing a book, or building a house, or saving the world. And then there are the people who just, well, do it.

I met Cate Bolt through Twitter, via a mutual industry contact. Cate is a do-er. She's also opinionated and forthright and no-nonsense. She tweets A LOT. Because she's there to raise money for a cause that means a lot to her. Cate doesn't just talk about how bad things are, or how she wishes things were different. She actively tries to make the world a better place.

Cate's come up against a fair bit of adversity in her life. It's her story, so if you want to know more, you should check out her blog. Suffice to say that she advocates for the homeless and any other number of voiceless people in this country. She has nine children. I know. Every time I complain about some aspect of parenting, she tells me that it will be fixed in one fell swoop by simply having more children. Worried about how they'll grow up? Have more children. Anxious about bullying? Have more children. Bored? Have more children. You can see how it goes.

She doesn't ask for help much. She'll sell you chocolate in a second to support her causes (and you should buy some because it's Fair Trade and therefore Guilt-Free Chocolate), but she won't ask for help. Unfortunately, she needs it now. She has a dream and SunSuper is offering grants that would make her dream so much easier for her to achieve. She wants to save orphaned children in Indonesia, and through education, help make that part of the world a better place. She has worked hard to raise the money for the orphanage and education programs, and the grant would help immensely with ongoing costs.

I'm asking for help for her. Please go here and vote for her dream. It's a one-minute process. You can read more about her story and her dream, vote (via a simple, non-scary log-in), and voila! that's it. It would help her out immensely if she won that money. It's a small kindness to help her with her much larger kindness picture. And you don't even have to have more children to solve the problem.

[image: MiguelRockstar/Tumblr]


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I'd not heard of this progam. The grant is a fantastic opportunity, Cate gets my vote! :-)

  2. I've had a few simple acts of kindness coming my way lately so I'd like to do my bit too. Checked it out and voted. Good luck Cate!

  3. Cate is certainly a do-er. Wonderfully focused and motivated. I have been following Cate for a long time now, and already voted. Good luck Cate!

  4. Done! I like the cut of your jib Cate. Good luck, what an AMAZING cause.
    I will be buying some of your choc too. Fair-trade means calorie free too, right? x

  5. She is amazing. She makes my tummy hurt I feel so guilty because she is doing and I am just reacting.


    I voted with every bloody email I could get my hands on yesterday. And on Monday when I'm back in the office, you can bet I am going to visit every colleague I can get to and make them vote too.


  6. She sure does have an amazing story and was so happy to cast a vote for such a great cause x

  7. Best of luck Cate. Good to see I can help you in a way that doesn't include having more children!


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