Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pink Fibro Club: Book of the month

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion of our last Book Club selection, Burial Rites. Most people chose to participate through the Facebook Group, so I'm thinking that's where we'll focus our Book Club efforts from now on. I'll post the book of the month here, and will also post my thoughts here on the first of the month and we'll go from there.

This month's selection is a complete change of pace from the bleak Icelandic winter. The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion, is one of those books that has generated every author's dream - word of mouth. It was the winner of the 2012 Victorian Premier's Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript and was published soon after in January 2013.

Also, I love the cover.

And in great news, Graeme has agreed to visit our Pink Fibro Club Facebook Group at 8pm on Tuesday June 25 for a live 'chat' about reading, writing and books. It's a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the book or about writing in general. Also, a fabulous opportunity to have a glass of wine with your fellow Fibro Club members. Like a real book club. Just saying.

Anyway, full details to come, but mark it in your diary and keep an eye on the Facebook group for further updates.

Do you judge a book by its cover? What makes a great cover?


  1. That's great news Allison! Thanks so much for all your efforts to make this a great book club. It's funny your question is about covers as I almost didn't pick this book because I don't normally go for red covers... but luckily I saw it was published by Text Publishing and thought I would give it a go. Am I glad I did! No more judging books by their covers anymore - ok, maybe I've just added red to my colours that I will accept :)

    1. Isn't it funny how colour can be so important? Er, why don't you like red covers? I'm very interested to know!

    2. Well... red is not a favourite colour of mine (it doesn't suit my complexion) so I tend to steer towards blue, white, green, pink books... Now that makes me sound so shallow! No, but seriously I have to like the overall look of the book to get a vibe and I think because I am not a fan of red I do not usually pick red books. But I'm super glad I ignored that rule for this one. Oh dear, have I dug the hole deeper? :) PS if your new book has a red cover, I will still read it as you see my rules have changed ;)

    3. LOL. No cover yet so don't fret. But I'm just really interested in how people choose the books they buy. *takes notes of colours*

  2. Fantastic that Graeme will be popping in to chat about the book too. Nice work Ms Tait! This is why you are the book club prefect.

  3. Just happened to buy this on the weekend. Look forward to the discussion with Graeme.

  4. When do you guys have time to read. I love reading but have found little time over the last few years with home, work and writing. AARRGH!!! Need to set time aside.

  5. I am speed reading the previous book, still hoping she doesn't die.

  6. Of course I do! A great cover is unique and eye-catching, generally illustrated and with a kick-arse font. Almost always sparse and to the point. x

  7. Love a great cover! I either buy on recommendations from friends or because it's a writer who's previous books I've enjoyed, but if I'm going to impulse buy then the cover is the first thing that draws me in.

    The Rosie Project is on my TBR pile - sometime this year... :)


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