Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Rewind #3: Focus on family

Hello team!

As we stand on the cusp of a long weekend here in Fibrotown, I can only say "thank heavens". It's been a frantic few weeks around here and I'm looking forward to a little bit of cooking, a little bit of entertaining and a lot, make that a LOT, of weeding.

Mostly, though, I'll be hanging with my boys, all three of them. Which is why I'm making the theme of this weekend's Rewind: FAMILY.

The drill remains as per previous weeks of this, our limited-edition comeback of the world-famous Weekend Rewind linky. Pop up an old post (theme: family) for some new comment love, visit some of the other blogs to share the love, and... actually, that's it.

I'm looking forward to reading your offerings and sharing my favourites with the Fibro community.

Ready, set... REWIND.


  1. Nearly all my posts are about family in one way or another ... but I managed to pick out one ... thanks for hosting :0)

  2. Oh, this one was more difficult for me. I had a few posts about my father's passing and my inability to become a mother and have my own family... but they seemed a bit whiney! So I found this VERY old post from April 2009!


  3. I loved the weekend rewind - thanks for resurrecting it Al...I havent blogged in two weeks. The longest Ive ever gone since I started - feels nice to look back through some words. I need to prioritise my writing so that I get back into the writing for love rather than the writing for money. Hope you are well and happy x

  4. This is great thanks. Lots of my posts relate to family but incidentally I wrote one entirely about the meaning of family in May so have chosen that one.

  5. Oops to the previous comment! Thanks for getting these all together :)


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