Monday, June 28, 2010

Search terms can defy the imagination

Does it startle you to know that someone in the world found my blog by deliberately searching ‘Alla Hoo’*? It did me. That Mr3’s imaginary friend with the outlandish name could possibly be a search term came as a surprise. Yes, she is Alla Hoo Hoo. But it’s like searching Jonathan Rhys to find Mr Rhys Meyers. It could be that one day she becomes so famous that she will be like Kylie or Julia and be at the top of Google Search based on her first name only.

Alla Hoo Hoo has become a more frequent visitor in the past few weeks. She now rides a motorbike – which Mr3 himself taught her to ride when they were in the SES together. The children have disappeared and instead she seems to be out every night at a party. Mr3 goes with her, which may explain why his normally sunny nature is beset by tempestuous storms these days.

He is determined to be Big and Alla Hoo Hoo, with her unending array of Big Person skills, is giving him the confidence to do it. He can even skip in ‘Big Shoes’, standing on his tippy toes and shuffling lightly down the hall.

Mr6 loves to ask him questions about Alla Hoo Hoo and they’ll have lengthy chats about all the things she can do. The only sticking point appears to be the disappearance of the children.

“Will they come back?” asks Mr6, concerned for their welfare.

“Not unless we need them to,” is Mr3’s serene response.

It’s hard to imagine what catastrophic situation might require the return of 98 children (the last head count of the Hoo Hoo household), so I’m daring to hope that the Fibro will remain a little less crowded for a while. Even as Mr3’s imagination stretches out to the horizons.

*Further investigation discovers that Alla Hoo Alla Hoo Alla Hoo is a Hindi song. I suspect that the searcher was probably looking for that rather than the imaginary friend of a three year old. Then again, cyberspace is a strange place.



  1. Alla Hoo Hoo - what a beautiful name.
    And what an adventurous spirit - and ending up in a Hindi song is not all bad

    (Your children sound DEVINE)

  2. I love this. 98 children!!! I hope you and/or they write a book about the Alla Hoo Hoo family. I'd definitely buy it.

    I dread to think what search terms lead people to my blog. I've never looked. No really I haven't. Probably Dead deer or something.

  3. Oh goddess, if your Mr 3 and Alla Hoo Hoo got together with my Miss 3 and her collection of mates (Boxy, Mr Miffy and some chick called Vienna) there would be some wild party goin' on.....)


  4. I love to hear news from wonderful world of the Alla Hoo Hoo. Mr3 has an amazing imagination (riding motorbikes and his SES stint is gold) coupled with a seemingly very rational mind (she's just so... practical.) I am also privilleged to know that he has just about one of the sweetest 3 year old faces EVER. The combination is irresistable!!!

  5. What a great name! And how strange that the name is so similar to a hindi song?

    I had an imaginary friend when I was about 3. However, her name was Sharon so not quite as "creative" as your Mr3....My brother did have an imaginary friend called Monkey Boom Boom Ladders....i might have to google that and see where we are led!?

  6. How fantastic! What a great imagination. My daughter's imaginary friends are Clara and Chloe, who live in China and Candyland. I'm not sure there's as much derring-do going on as yours though.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. So pleased to hear that other children have imaginary friends with extraordinary names (Monkey Boom Boom Ladders?!?) No doubt the redoubtable Ms Hoo Hoo will be back!

  8. We don't have imaginary friends yet. I'm sort of hoping we do at some point. Maybe Alla Hoo Hoo would like to visit the States??

    Also, people have landed on my blog lately by searching for "quick pee" and "belly button poking stories." Which makes me think: Oh, dear.


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