Thursday, June 17, 2010

What did you talk about this week?

It’s that time of the week when I share some of the wide variety of topics of conversation that came up through work or play in the course of life in a pink fibro. This week, the game of Chess has infiltrated the Fibro and Mr6 is hooked.

Chess, writing, reading, permission notes, the car's brakes, peeling 100kg of potatoes, pies, sore throats, temperatures, doing business in the bush, Beautiful Malice, the water cycle, bike riding, pitching, changing editors, fundraising, moving house, aged care finance, free money, feeding the fish, rooks, pawns, the all-powerful Queen, 20,000 words, allowing enough time, car service, subtitles, raffle tickets, yoga, meetings, visiting the Big Smoke, cruising, bunting, recycling, castling, Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder, Zac Power, and how Alla Hoo Hoo can do anything and be anything - in 'big shoes'.


  1. It warms my heart that in an opaque way I feature on this post. I heart you xx

  2. There is something incredibly appealing about this post that had me smiling all the way through. Such fun! Love the idea of writing down all these various topics that come our way during the week. :)


  3. I love these posts too. I love talking. I find most things fascinating!

    Camping, Yo Gabba Gabba, Tiger Woods (yes, still), camping again, the london underground and its lack of elevators when you've got a buggy, writing, 30,000 words, deadlines.

  4. ok here goes.

    School, uniforms, stress, food, cat, dog, bras, vaginas, death, rabbits, nannas, The Dreamtime, netball, soccer, the cold, violence, exams, car, hot chocolate, shops, mess, Robbie and how she smells nice.

    Some of those are from Niamh.

  5. Football, harmonic minor scales, football, vuvuzelas, euthanasia (great chat with my nephew there!), racism, Sydney, jeans and more football.

    I am struck by the juxtaposition of "bras, vaginas, death, rabbits, nannas" above. Full week at your place Shauna!

  6. Renovations {hold me}, removing walls {hold me while soothingly petting me with a 'there, there'}, new furniture, parent/teacher interviews, moving windows, gardening, vegie gardens vs rock hard soil {thank you 7000 weeks of solid pouring rain}, cooking, baking, sleepover parties, fairies and their jobs, dentists, the world cup, friendships and butlers sinks.

  7. @PinkPatentMaryJanes I often talk about the fairies and how they're not doing their jobs - particularly Lola The Housework Fairy. Tulip the Parking Fairy, on the other hand, can usually be relied upon to magic up a parking spot when needed. And I love butler's sinks.

    @Meredith Agree that Shauna's list is particularly interesting this week.

    @DeerBaby Everything is a challenge with a pram. Particularly public transport and shops. And that's if you ignore the death stares from those lucky people unencumbered in their walking.

    Everyone else - thanks for playing!

  8. Hang on...100kg of potatoes? That's a lot of mash.

    In our house: Ian Dury, punk music, Camp Bestival plans, Japanese GCSE's, exam results, save the drama for your mama, drama class, Spartcacus, stomach bugs, foxes in the garden, 20,000 words and all of them rubbish...

  9. The weirdness of Salt Lake, bugs, how annoying other people are, how many BABIES there are in Utah!, horrible hotel beds, horrible hotel breakfasts, how much SUGAR Americans eat, how much ICE CREAM Americans eat, how decent decent people are, how different other people's lives are, how can anyone dislike coffee, how fascinating it is to get to know someone, how hard work can be, how beautiful ugly can be, how touching old stories can be (interviewed 83 and 82 year old founders of a company), how we can be floored by scenery, the glorious irresponsibility of driving a rental car, the strange vacancy of not blogging or getting email for three days, how wonderful it is to come home.

  10. @Nappy Valley Housewife - I was wondering when someone would pick up on that! A friend of mine was making handcut chips for an event he was catering. I was happy to leave him to that job...

    @Tricia Rose - I loved this. It sounds as though you've had an amazing week.


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