Thursday, June 3, 2010

What did you talk about this week?

It’s that time of the week when I share some of the wide variety of topics of conversation that came up through work or play in the course of life in a pink fibro. It's come around quickly this week, and I approach my task with trepidation. You'll soon see why...

Tax, property investment, super-profits, red wine, tax, registration, Alla Hoo Hoo (they're going to lots of parties together - she wears a brown dress and 'big' shoes), wallflowers, coughs, The Wire, pay TV, capital gains tax, negative gearing, grant applications, future jobs, Toy Story 3, tummy bugs, the ATO, unpublished manuscripts, romance writing, waiting, Little Ninjas, temperatures, moving beds, Hunter wellie boots, high schools, Land Tax, superannuation, doctors, mining companies, sharemarket dip, birthday parties, reading at the first grade mass, blogging, revisions, and the weather - but not as much, or as well, as my Dad. But it was better than tax.


  1. Hi Allison
    That's a great range of topics for the week.

    At our house it's been the oil leak, Kerry O'Brien, KRudd, miners, tax, winter sales, the socceroos and tennis.

    I think Toy Story 3 might be a more interesting choice than SATC2, to be honest. Don't think there is anything left to say about SATC2.

    Have a great weekend.

    SSG xxx

  2. I love that picture. I have some Hunters but sadly I do not look like that in them.

    I don't know anything, not one jot, about tax. I am ostrich like about it.

    We have discussed hippies, whether to take 10 year old to see Russell Crowe in Robin Hood, the World Cup, how quickly potatoes grow ears in our cupboards, dancing dogs, The West Wing. That's about it! Oh and whether if you work hard, you'll be happy.

  3. Some tax with that, anyone? Sounds like it's been a very full-on week!

  4. I'm so glad Alla Hoo Hoo is back. I just love hearing about The Duke and his big foot friend.

  5. Yes, has been a taxing week. Alla Hoo Hoo provides us all with much entertainment. And I'm sure I won't look like that in Hunters either - but for the price I'd need to. Haven't seen SATC2 as yet - rainy Saturday arvo perhaps - but there is no way to avoid TS3.

  6. Oh goodness - what a week for you! Last night my husband and I had a rapid 30 minute de-brief before I hit the Hunter Valley for a girls weekend away. Oh, the things you can cover in 30 minutes! SATC2, netball (and, um, how he's taking over coaching duties on Saturday...) the rain, how I can't seem to memorise more than two words a week in French, advertorials, laptops, iPads, friendships, families, Where The Wild Things Are...

  7. Hi Allison,
    I just stumbled across your blog through Lucy (and now I see SSG visits here too!). I could not possibly pass up a blog titled 'life in a pink fibro' (as I have lived in two fibros myself at various stages of my life... none, however were glamarous enough to be pink!)
    I love the post and what a range of topics. I too have spoken about red wine (ha!), birthday parties, blogging, tax, mining companies and the weather!

    Other big topics of the week: toilet training, housework, networking, roadworks, fabric, returning to work, bias binding, slow cookers, strollers....

  8. I love this idea! Our topics were revision, Hong Kong, Spartacus, novel writing, play writing, finding a dog sitter, what are those strange greens in the organic vegetable box and how do you cook them? Thailand--yes or no for a summer holiday there? What's scarier on a roller coaster, the loop or the corkscrew?


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