Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Warning: Long night ahead

A short post. My littlest boy is sick. His cheeks are hectic with colour, his skin hot to touch and yet covered in goose bumps. His ears are red, his eyes are too bright. He is twitching in his sleep, this child who usually lies as soft and still as the night itself.

He crumpled himself into a cuddle with me tonight and asked if he could share my bed. He wants us to wake up together. How could I resist?

Despite my lack of Florence Nightingale instincts, I am ready. By the bed: a bottle of water, little boy Panadol, a cool washcloth, a torch so that I can see what I’m doing without hurting his eyes.

There’s little to be done except wait and keep the fever at bay as best I can. How I hate the waiting. The watching. The wishing it were over.

So now I’m off to bed. Early. Ready for the restlessness that surely awaits.

Looking forward to a new day.


  1. Get Well Soon Mr3. Here's to a speedy recovery x

  2. Oh. How I know that feeling of restlessness as you wish you could take on their fever, for them to be well again. I hope he wakes up all better...

  3. Its horrible that watching and waiting for the fever to pass and when they are so helpless and don't know whats going on. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

  4. I hope he is better soon - best to have him with you despite the broken sleep. Go easy on the Panadol... there are some contra-indications on the internet for little ones.

  5. I hope you don't have a full on day planned. Glad he's feeling better this morning. So many bugs going around right now. Almost makes me want to live in a "bubble". Hope you get a rest today. x

  6. Yep, I hear you. My days have blurred because of fevers, panadol and sponging down little hot children. Hope he gets well soon x

  7. I hope all is well at Casa Fibro today? Poor ol' Mr3 :( Give him a big kiss from his Auntie xx

  8. Hope all was better today - nighttime fevers are so traumatic for all concerned.

    I hope that tonight provides everyone in the pink fibro with a restful night's sleep.


  9. Didn't see you on Twitter today... now I know why :( Hope all is much better by the time you read this on Friday morning. xxx

  10. I can so relate - I could have written the same post this week! I hope things are on the improve in your place as they are here after a few sleepness nights. I just found your blog (the name hooked me!) via Thea & Sami. Cheers! Nic

  11. Its so awful when your kids are sick. Not long ago I had Miss T in ER and then admitted to the Paed ward. Its a very helpless feeling. Hopefully he is all better now!!

    Great blog! Glad I found my way here through Maxabella!


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