Thursday, March 3, 2011

Irrational crushes

Tonight I shared with The Builder the identity of the man who has had me all-aquiver for the past six weeks or so. A crush of huge proportions. Tremulously, I turned to my husband and said: "That man does things for me."

He looked. He looked again.

"Him?" he asked. There may have been some incredulity involved. Okay, there was quite a bit.

Admittedly, DCI Gene Hunt (aka actor Philip Glenister) from the ABC series Ashes to Ashes, is not everyone's cup of tea. But some reason he is mine. A smoking hot cup of tea.


It's not the first time I've succumbed to the irrational crush. I remember having a thing for Dennis Waterman 150 years ago when he was Terry McCann in Minder and I was about 12. (Come to think of it, Dennis and Philip share a certain... hairline or something.) I also liked Bodie from The Professionals (the dark one, incidentally, not the one with the springy hair). Prior to these crushes, I'd been into Leif Garrett and the guy who played Bo on the tv version of The Dukes of Hazzard. Hormones have a lot to answer for.

I don't even want to think about psycho-analysing the origins of my 'thing' for, ahem, mature actors with Northern accents in police dramas.

But I do want you to share in my humiliation. Tell me your irrational crush. Please.


  1. luckily, my husband has a man crush on Gene Hunt — so nice when you can share these things! xt

  2. Ha ha! The product of watching too much QI- Stephen Fry. Irrational because he's more than twice my age and gay...

  3. LOL. My weird crush is Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame. He is one hot Y-front wearing, chemistry-teacher turned crack cooking cancer victim. And he's about 20 years older than me. I don't get it. I think I have a professor fetish?
    I also carry a torch for Dustin Hoffman. I think I was a nice Jewish girl in a former life.
    We all have these weird crushes. Don't know if I have shared them with anyone before. Oh well, no one reads these things, do they? HA!

  4. Alright, I'll help you out - my very first childhood crush was Wayne Rogers who played Trapper John on MASH...irrational - oh yes I think so!!

  5. Hmm. I have a bit of a thing for Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs...

  6. Ooh, I'm feeling so much better. I have a thing for Kevin too, Toni, but it's not a crush. More a meeting of minds I think...

    I'm thinking Trapper John may even be ahead by a short nose at present. Though Stephen Fry is in a class all of his own as far as irrational is concerned...

  7. Oh! I'm with you on the Stephen Fry thing! I love his wonderful, giant, hilarious brain!
    But, my irrational crush is Steve Buscemi!

  8. add me to the Kevin McCloud club … and anything Philip Glennister, really. James McEvoy, Richard Hammond, what's with all these short guys?

    i suspect it's not so much the men as the passion with which they attack their life … spare me the tepid, the insipid, the waste of space.

    Kevin Rudd *blushes* just a little …

  9. OMG!NoT DCI Hunt! Ha! Too funny. I can't talk, I often things foe Smithy from the Bill, and I've always had a thing for Harrison Ford...ALWAYS!

    Nic xo

  10. Pardon my bad spelling...I've had a glass of wine...or two, whilst drooling over Andrew Lincoln from Teachers...

    Nic xo

  11. Love love love the Gene Genie!

    Am hysterically giggling at Kevin Rudd above!

    I wrote a blog a while back about my TV boyfriends. They are many, and yes, all quite irrational. Will dig it up for you :)


    Here they are - see, Gene came in quite high on the list. :) Now you all don't feel quite so irrational, hey?

  13. Not sure if this crush is as irrational as it is disturbing, but for some reason I have a bit of a 'thing' for Michael C Hall (aka Dexter). I can't stand the sight of blood and shudder at the storylines played out in that show. But there is something so oddly appealing about a serial killer who bumps off bad guys.
    AaaHa! Go figure. I said it was disturbing :o/

  14. So how to define irrational? DCI Gene Hunt looks pretty gorgeous to me :) I think it's perfectly rational to like guys like Robert Carlyle and Jean Reno....

  15. Gene Hunt absolutely! I also said if I ever went to the Lesbian side I'd rather like a bit of Dawn French.

  16. You've only just told the Builder? That made me laugh.

    Well as you know I have a lot of things in common with you and this is no exception. Every Thursday night here in the UK he appears in a new drama with John Simm, Max Beesley, Marc Warren (Hustle)and dear old Mr Glenister. I only have eyes for one of them.

    In fact it's on tonight!

  17. Yep Bodie, did it for me... so did Parker Stevenson, back in the Hardy Boys days. A-M xx

  18. The guy who plays 'Ronin' in Stargate Atlantis. Tall, islander, big dreads, muscly, silent.....HOT...

    I keep telling Mr. Rugby if we ever have a boy his name will be Ronin. He keeps telling me 'no way are we naming a kid after a stargate character'...I try and convince him it is just the name i like.

  19. Oh Al. This is quite hilarious - that you only mentioned your Gene crush to the builder at the end of the series humours me a great deal.

    I didn't share the Bodie crush, but I saw Martin Shaw (who played Doyle) in "They're Playing Our Song" on stage in the West End about 30 years ago, and FELL IN LOVE. I would have been twelve? My crush has remained.

    The late Oliver Reed also has my heart. I saw him in the movie "Lion of the Desert" and fell. Hard.

    (What on earth must my hormones have been up to in 1981?!)

    But my true crush is Gene. Any man who can get away with "Oh Dear Lord, if this is a test, I fear I may fail..." in a Northern accent ...oh, how the mighty melt and fall...

  20. My crushes are Owen Wilson, Matt Damon and Simon Baker.Fairly standard. But then I actually get a crush on anyone who looks like these guys in real life. That's where things get tricky. I had an acquaintance who was a Simon Baker clone and I got a little heart fluttery when he was about.
    Oh, I totally get that Lief Garrat and Bo Duke crush.
    Clearly I'm attracted to blondes (which my husband is not ... blonde I mean). Hmmmm.

  21. Making a mental note to find this show as any man with a Northern accent makes my heart melt.... That's why I am still such a fan of Coronation St even through I haven't lived in the UK for 9 years...

    My main celeb crush might be a bit mainstream but Marky Mark Wahlberg - SWOON! And just to throw an oddball in to make you feel better, Sportacis from the kids show Lazytown strangely does it for me too!

  22. Ok. Deep breath, here goes... the first one was the dark haired guy in Dukes not the pouffy blondie! Later there came the doc in Grey's Anatomy, Hugh Laurie, and Matt Damon. I say 'came' but i don't mean literally. Good thing I found a Matt Damon lookalike, oh and I married him. :-)

  23. Well I must say 'snap' to many of the above. And DEFINITELY Philip Glenister esp as Gene Hunt. BIG snap too for Bodie in The Professionals - hence have had a thing for any semi-well built man in a black turtle-neck jumper.

    Kevin McCloud is on my lust list, as is Hugh Bonneville, Stephen Fry and Colin Firth. I have a thing for Englishmen I must confess.

    The most irrational though must be Scott from The Thunderbirds when I was about 5 years of age. A crush on a marionette? Disturbing!

  24. Irrational? Really? And here I was thinking it was perfectly normal to hope that Colin Firth, Clive Owen or Robert Downey Jnr might drop by one day to blow in my ear (at the very least).


  25. Mine would have to be McGee from NCIS. The nerdy one. Irrational so don't really know why of course, but could be because he has a bit of the dark horse about him - you never really know what he gets up to once he's helped solve all those cases and knocked off for the day.

  26. Oh love this.

    E from Entourage is mine. Sure, he's not the tallest or best looking, but man he does something to me.

    Time for me to take a moment.

    Bern x

  27. Mine are Malcolm Turnbull and Alexander Downer. I find a lot of people are with me on the first; I'm strangely almost alone on the second.

    Their appeal can be distilled to a word used by Louisa Dear, book publicist extraordinaire, and that word is: THROWDOWN. Think about it.

    - Sophie Hamley

  28. Martin Clunes in Doc Martin does it for me. I think its the manic haunted stare. Or maybe the lips...

  29. I used to have a thing for Gordon Ramsey, before the affair, hair transplant, plastic surgery. And then it was Anthony Bourdain - I think it's the bad boy, yet can cook, image which gets me going!!! xx

  30. I have a thing for (dead) English cops too. John Thaw is my true love. It all started with The Sweeney - "get yer gear on tart. You're nicked!".

    I LOVE James MacEvoy too but find that ENTIRELY rational ;-)

  31. 'Emma M said
    "Mine would have to be McGee from NCIS. The nerdy one … "'

    aha, see, the less obvious one? me too …

    and John Thaw, well, i DO have a son called Lewis (ALWAYS the less obvious one).

  32. Because I like you and I respect that you went there in admitting your crush on DW in Minder (OMG.... me too!), I am going to place my hugely irrational crushes here on your comments. Here goes.

    Gene Fricking Wilder. WHAT THE HELL!??????
    Chevy Chase - circa 1980s
    Billy Connolly - again, I ask.... WTH!?

    Obviously, I fall hard for comedic males. It must be that. For these three have remained firm favourites throughout the decades, no matter what, and NONE of them are incredibly attractive, nor do they look alike.

    Slinking away now (to hide under a rock).

  33. LOL @BeingMe - you may have almost topped Alexander Downer with Gene Wilder. Allmost...


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