Monday, August 1, 2011

How (not) to start a Fitness Challenge

My laissez-faire relationship with the gym continues. I'm still going. Twice a week, most weeks (though school holidays proved a challenge). And, according to my 'measurements', it's making a difference. One centimetre smaller here, two centimetres down there. The scales, however, have not shifted. Not one bit.

I know that scales are not the be-all and end-all. We are more than what we weigh. But, jeez Louise, it's hard to stay motivated when nothing at all is going on down there. 

So, having decided that I must be going horribly wrong on the eating front, I signed up for a six-week Fitness Challenge. I was weighed and measured all over again. I was despatched home with a box of protein bars (er, cardboard anyone?) and a pile of literature, including food diaries, recipes, fabulously inspiring 'real stories'.  I was powered up. Ready to go.

And then I went to Sydney and ate my body weight in pizza and polenta battens with gorgonzola sauce (I'm sorry, but Oh. My. God). Washed down with a river of red wine. Followed by Saturday night out as well. Another day, another river of red wine. Then the football on Sunday. Billabongs and chips. 

Let's just say I'm not off to a flying start. 

I'm looking on the bright side. The only way to go from here is up, right? Which will hopefully lead to a little 'down' movement on the scales. 

Six weeks. It's all possible.



  1. I just don't get it, why can't I lose weight by thinking about the gym. For sure I would be Kate Moss if this were true.

  2. And 'ahem' word veri is still on....

    Sorry...pushing it? Yes, ok. Won't mention it again.

  3. It is possible. Remind me how?

    I have lost all this weight and all of a sudden seem totally incapable??


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  5. Billabongs! Can't remember the last time I had one but now I have a craving for one...

    I'm always falling off the wagon. But as long as I keep getting back on it, I figure I'm doing okay

    Good luck!

  6. Oh dear and a very big oh dear my friend! No you're right, the scales are not everything - but I do totally understand that motivation without that number reward is very difficult. But I wonder about the merits of a fixed-term challenge. Yes, perhaps a great way to kick-start you - but what happens when the 6 weeks are over...
    Not saying it won't be the best 6 weeks ever - but I find with challenges like that you set yourself for things you can't possibly maintain.
    I know that's not what you want to hear - but I'm sure all the other comments will be cheering you on riotously. So I'll be the unpopular devils advocate - just because I care :-)

  7. OMG yum yum yum! And yes, I'm with you, the only way is up!

  8. I have the very same relationship with my gym...I drive by it everyday mostly but apparently you have to go IN to see something happen. They should really make that more clear in the contract.

  9. Gorgonzola sauce and red wine, ohh my. go big or go home is what I hear.

    my uncle believes in weights and an 8 oz bag of chips, all you gain is 8 oz. no big deal in his book.

  10. Don't feel any guilt...I never do. Even when I did , it never decreased the inches.You'll find your balance . Just don't give up.

  11. Allegedly, muscle weighs more than fat. So keep measuring the inches rather than the kilos. x

  12. Fit is good, skinny is over rated!

  13. I do understand, I keep wishing it off, not working though. I do know when I stay away from bread and other wheat products I make progress

  14. Someone once told me weight loss is 70% about diet, and only 30% exercise. Perhaps the 6 week challenge with its food diaries will tell you where you're going wrong, and in the interim, you can keep up with your twice a week gym sessions and see where it takes you. It all comes down to accounting, boring as it is. You'll get there.
    I need to do something about my own weight and fitness. Our gym has no creche at the moment, so I only go once a week now. I miss it.

  15. You had me at gorgonzola...
    Well done, I'm a firm believer in a decent binge before 6 weeks of saintliness...

  16. Doh Ali! I have always found that body 're-shaping' always precedes weight loss by a good 2-3 weeks. Just need to give it time :)
    As for your delectable weekend - well you're 'allowed' one day off a week!

  17. I'm sorry but food is there to be enjoyed!
    Enjoy all that food you did. Savour every bite of it.
    I would HATE to diet because as soon as I'd be restricted from eating something, could be pea's and that's all i'd bloody want!
    Good luck with your 6 week challenge. I know you can do this Allison!

  18. I kinda dig your red wine and pizza diet. I am so tempted to call for pizza delivery right now...and it is nearly midnight.

  19. Good luck!!! My scales are showing the wrong bloody direction! I almost curled up in the fetal position in the bathroom tonight and refused to come out...almost!

  20. Muscle ways more than fat - so if you're training, you need to focus on the centimetres you lose, not the scales!!!! Banish them!!! I've never owned any. I dropped almost 2 dress sizes a while back and only lost about 3 kilos...... And bring on the balance - what's life if not for a little splurge?! xx


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