Friday, August 5, 2011

What did you talk about this week?

Well, here we are at the weekend. Time to relax, unwind and recharge. Also time to look back at the week that was. The Fibro was a hive of activity and conversation this week. Mostly centred around splashbacks and cupboard profiles. But we did manage to fit some other stuff in too. Some are personal, some are professional (as in, for a story). I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which...

Cold Chisel, prawns that had been hidden in a bag in our laundry for five days, freezing said prawns in container, under-bench top sinks, the wall that was and then wasn't, green olives, balsamic vinegar, visitors, moving house, bathroom cabinets, community grants, worm wee, soccer, concentration, Lego mini-figures, birthday parties, Cars 2, scooters, vacuum cleaners, milkshakes, organising one's office, organising (specifically) my office, the decision to have a baby, fitting in 'relations' as a working mother, Mosman, blogging, bloggers, pitching, ideas, the state of the freelance writing market, finishing the damn book, feeding the fish.

What did you talk about?

PS: I'm Rewinding at And Then There Were Four this weekend. Link up an old post for new comment love! Hope to see you there. 

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  1. Boogies, wiping boogies, stumps, floor levels, sanding, Bunnings reno, fresh bread, weekly grogery spend, spring, home, making friends, birthday party invitations. I feel like this is the same list as last week. I will try to change it up a bit next week ;)

  2. Sydney, Perth, Margaret River, schools, friends, blogs, coughs, rashes, vomit, bad tummies, contraception, babysitting, Mr Galliano's Circus, The Grufallo, 40th birthday parties, hat parties, 30 birthday parties, living in Mosman, old friends, playgroup, The Story Factory, panadol, charades

    Sorry for the gross factor, we have had a week of being sick. Had to be the week MM went home to Sydney for a visit!

    Happy Weekend


  3. I've been thinking about this all week as things came up, but forgot to write them down... darn!

    Blogopolis, painting, bamboo flooring, Ikea, the studio, writing on school uniforms, teddy bear names, dirtgirl, Life Instyle, stationery, packaging, trees, mud, choosing a school, business planning, e-newsletters, learning to read, bananamobiles, teddy picnic hut, more army tanks - aargh!, mine sweepers.


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