Friday, August 19, 2011

What did you talk about this week?

It's been a long week (not) in the Fibro. The Builder has been flat out with bathroom renos, I have been flat-out with book edits, and the boys have been flat out... being boys. So our topics of conversation have been somewhat more narrow than usual. But that doesn't mean there were few of them. No sirreee.

Bath enamel, plastering, taps, lights, kitchen colours, kitchen colours, kitchen colours, internet access, Friday Night Lights, community grants, breakfast, weeds, the collective noun for a group of Harry Potters, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, shiraz, dressing gowns, pipes, bad Chinese takeaway, hats, coffee, wife swapping (don't ask!), novels, writing, Dianne Blacklock, Twitter, blogging, Cars 2, tennis, moving house.

What did you talk about?



  1. Just today we have had conversations about the rights of youths working, pirates, giraffes who can dance in the moonlight, riddles, top 100 movies of all time, worst movies of all time, broken washing machines and getting fit. Wow and here i was thinking we hadn't talked much at all.

  2. It's amazing how it adds up, isn't it Tiff?? Pirates and giraffes who dance in the moonlight sound like fun!

  3. I love this Allison. In fact I love it so much, I'm going to join you! Tonight. Right now. Besides the grandparents will just love what the kids have been talking about. A great way to summarise some of the week.

    And credits to you of course ;) x

  4. I talked about writing, writing, writing with the beautiful people in Berry, the neat people in Nowra, and the awesome Allison Tait. Got an alliteration thing going tonight, probably due to the celebratory champagne on sending my proof pages away.

    A great week all round!

  5. I don't know how to put a photo up - I'm not meaning to be mysterious!

  6. I find myself looking forward to this. It's cathartic!

    Writing, blogging, working, stay at home, vintage fairs, ebay, Gum tree, Engines, Noisy Motorbikes, Word of the Week, Pique!, Tiredness, Kangaroos, Broccoli, Shells, Monsters, Fire Birds, Ferris Bueller, Misfits...

    Anyone know what a Fire Bird is? M1 has been talking about them all day...

  7. Stress and money this week. Bleh. Fortunately the clouds are lifting!!

  8. God it's been AGES since I've been round, life!! When you put topics of conversation throughout a week like that it's amazing to see just how busy things are. For us it's been friends, you can do anything you put your mind to, spend time with people who make you feel good, career change, open studio, growing pains, crochet, drums, superheros's (of course!)parking fines, wine, great curry takeaway, rain, ..argh, I'll spare you the rest, I'm exhausted! But the sun's supposed to shine tomorrow & I plan to enjoy it..x

  9. Yesterday I was blank, completely blank. I think I have realised why.

    This is just today's fare -
    Ninja sharks, SuperCat, Indian swamis, duck dives, The Aristocats, Timbuktu, temperature controlled bird baths, Spitfires banking down in the North Sea, ammunition levels of said Spitfires, the weather in Scandinavia, seasick vikings, Cheetah's army tank, radar and how it works, water babies, why bears like apricot sauce, gas rigs, how cute arctic foxes are, eye contact, rock walls, whether to grow veggies from seeds or seedlings, umpire bias.

    No wonder I'm exhausted!

  10. I honestly can't remember the past week, but today I've talked about birthday parties, cat flaps, fly wire, labour, blogs, books, breakfast, exercise, friends, book clubs, movies and dinner. Wow. Maybe it is as well I can't remember the past week.


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