Monday, July 4, 2011

A blog post about a giveaway

Maxabella Loves is having a giveaway. She has raised a village to support her blog and is giving everyone in the village a chance to win a fabulous party outfit, including a Leona Emiston dress, new custom-styled shoes and some earrings from Elk Accessories. This entire blog post is merely a gratuitous plug. Because I have been out to dinner with friends and had several glasses of wine and I am smart enough to understand the repercussions of blogging under the influence. Or perhaps, simply too tired to write anymore.

Anyhoo, if you haven't entered, you totally should. I'm not entering, even though she says that sisters are completely eligible for entry. I just wouldn't feel right swanning about in your dress if my number came up. So if you win, you totes owe me a borrow of that frock - maybe we could choose something like the Trudy Tie Dress on the left. Click the button to find out more.

div align="center">Party Giveaway at Maxabella loves...


  1. Yep, alright, now go over to my blog and read my gratuitous plug! Your sister...really?!!

  2. Yep, have entered. I am still getting over the awesomeness of this giveaway. You should enter!xo

  3. Spoken like a true big sister!

  4. Thanks Yarge. I'm just impressed that you were out on a school night!! x

  5. Love that dress. And sisterly love..


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