Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend Rewind (still here)

Despite all that announcing I did last week, the Weekend Rewind remains in the Fibro for one more week. Sister C/Multiple Mum insists she has more cleaning/decorating/... actually, she's not feeling well and we wish her a speedy recovery!

So, onwards and upwards. I was a bit tardy in getting round to all the links last week, due to that writing project, but I will do much better this week, I promise. As, I'm sure, will all the other commenters just waiting to visit your link. The drill is the same as always: follow the Fibro if we're not already friendly, link up an old post and then comment, comment, comment on as many other posts as possible. As we all know, comments make the Weekend Rewind go round.

Endings turned out to be heart-wrenching read last week - some beautiful, beautiful posts - so I think we'll liven things up a bit this week. The theme, therefore, is humour. Give me what you think is your funniest post. Or one of them, because I know a lot of you are hilarious all the time.

My post is not so much about me being funny, but about how being funny can sometimes not be very funny. It's not easy being funny.

Okay, hit me with hilarity! Ready, set... Rewind!


  1. I was all set for the big debut... but happy that we are still in our comfortable Fibro.

    My post had to be... you know the one. Although, I think I'm funny ALL the time, so it was a really hard choice. Really. x

  2. I am off to struggle to find a post. I am so not funny at all. I may have to resort to exploiting a post about one of the kids...

    Enjoy your curtain call!

  3. What a great way to end the week, these are some great posts! Humor is, I think, one of the most difficult things to write!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. I'm sorry your sister isn't feeling well but it is comforting to see the Rewind button in the Fibro!

  5. Sorry I posted twice. It wouldn't let me delete my first one :/


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