Friday, July 29, 2011

What did you talk about this week?

It's back again. Your favourite part of the week. A time to look back, consider it all, and take a long hard look at the topics that came up at your house. This is what we were dissecting at the Fibro this week...

Tiles, toilets, walls, showers, splashbacks, benchtops, colours (is anyone sensing a theme yet?), Norway, birds, dancing, piano, trivia, music, The Renovators, movies, The Wire, moisturisers, drawings, writing club, descriptions, challenges, centimetres, kilograms, hearty winter meals, comments, clean sheets, bird food, the Wondering Wall, visitors, visits, work, banks, finances, Amy Winehouse, The Hobbit, traffic, donating to Care Australia for the Africa appeal, Boystown Lotteries, mentors, edits, social media, book titles, Lego (specifically how it manages to creep its way all over the house), blogging, Coffee, and how a rainbow is made.

What did you talk about?

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  1. I love this idea but by the end of the week I am struggling to remember what we talked about. But a few that spring to mind: blogging, rubber lizards, goggo-mobiles, project management, bins, toy sheep, green sheep, emotional intelligence, pizza ovens, slides, chalk, curry, Obama, Tasmania.

  2. The first things that spring to mind: Trees.Writing.Lighthouses. Magic lighthouses. What does being patient mean? Pubic schools versus private schools. Teaching? Drift being filmed in Margaret River. Sam Worthington. Beautiful Lies. Dogs say woof woof. Tigers say raaaah! Ice cream flavors. Pepper on chocolate and broccoli ice cream. Birthday presents. Creating drama. Stormy weather. Broken cubby house.


  3. I still haven't put up a wonder wall in my place, so I'm gonna have to borrow yours for another week :) have a good weekend.

  4. Hmm ... babysitting, ultrasound, broken door handle, weather, sibling rivalry, holiday at nan's, kinder, friends, playing, Winehouse, sun, colds, birthday, cake, moving furniture, flooring, trivia night, Rocky Horror, dancing.
    Happy weekend :)

  5. Errr... what did we talk about... well the excellent new film for school kids about kids with ASD in their class, called What Are You Doing? cos myself and Son2 went to the first screening... umm.. homework, paper rounds, rugby league, sausages, ghosts, cats, puzzles and playdough... All very highbrow at our house.

  6. I said I was going to post this last week and I totally didn't so I am this week!

  7. I talked about moving; bus timetables; looking at a flat; boxes; packing; culling books...decisions, decisions,decisions.

  8. So glad it's back again this week. Meant to keep notes but forgot... must remember to do what I say and be a good example one day!

    westerns, blogopolis, asteroids, earthquakes, vikings, dragons, pirates (there is a theme going here), music lessons, toy shops, plaster, bamboo flooring, wine, wine, more wine, Velveteen Rabbit, theatre, nightmares, front loader washing machines.

    That's about all I can remember after a crazy day today.

  9. A Wonder Wall sounds intriguing. We have a Wall of Wonder, but I'm thinking they're a bit different. I
    I'd love to know more about how yours works.

  10. mmm...
    Traffic lights and how they work. Sexuality, gay pride parades and why they are great. Where to do A-levels. Good nightclubs in Manchester. ipads (I want one). Moving house. Holidays. And other mundane stuff that I just can't remember! x

  11. Oooh, are you about to renovate too? We're in the middle of it, and I must say it's easier to renovate when you don't live in the house, and have toddlers.

    It's doing my head in!

    Love this post. Glad you're doin it again! x


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