Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A small break in transmission

The little boys and I are off to Maxabella Land for a few days' bonding with the cousins to round off the school holidays. We are leaving the Builder at home with a good supply of spaghetti sauce and enough baskets of washing to fold to keep him off the streets for the forseeable future.

I did sit down to do some batch writing in an attempt to pretend that I'd never left the Fibro, but we all know now that batch writing doesn't really work for me. Better to be honest than to leave you with a series of What I Had For Lunch posts.

See you in a few days.

[image: Maxabella loves cake pops. We may get them for dinner.]


  1. Enjoy some down time and looking forward to hearing whether those baskets get folded ;) See you soon x

  2. Have a great visit - send us a postcard from Maxabella Land!

  3. enjoy your time away.....let me know what you eat, I'm always curious about peoples diet. burritos, sausage, pop tarts etc. we are what we eat, which makes me a plate of pickled beets at this particular moment.


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