Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Rewinding with Multiple Mum

I'm back from Maxabella Land in time to link up to the Weekend Rewind at And Then There Were Four. I spent some time last night, in front of a fire, in hysterics, with both my sisters - definitely on my Top Ten List of ways to spend an evening. Which brings me neatly to the topic of this week's Rewind - Lists. Any post you have with a list, a number, a top X anything. Go say hello to Multiple Mum and join in!

Rewinding is the most fun you can have on a weekend. Well, Top Five, at least.

Here's my list post: What's on your lifetime To Do list?

Catch you on the Rewind!


  1. Top ten? TEN? Sheesh. You'll be lucky to get a Christmas card this year if you can't bump me up to top three. x

  2. Hey bitches, where was my invtie?

  3. love your blog, thank you also for your lovely comments. i must say i've never heard the term fibro describing a house. when i first stopped by your blog my first thought was a pink fibro was some kind of pink lycra exercise outfit. ! makes so much more sense now. maybe it's aussie slang that i've never heard of being from nz. hope you don't mind a new follower. x

  4. Ha! I have to agree with Georgi ... although I know what I fibro is, I originally read your blog name as 'fluro' and had a similar train of thought to Georgi. I expected some kind of weird bike riding blog. God knows what people think of my blog name? LOL


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