Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big red cars

Mr4's inner hoon is well developed. At four. He will stand on a street corner and point out the 'coolest' cars. All of said cars have flashy paint jobs, shiny wheels and 'wings' aka spoilers. Mr7 has told him that spoilers are aeroplane wings turned upside down, so they hold the car down, rather than pushing the plane up. Mr7 learned about that on an episode of Peppa Pig, or Olivia, or one of those Piggy ABC shows. See, TV is educational.

Mr4 likes the music loud when he is in the car. He likes the window down and the breeze in his hair. He tells me that he will be a much better driver than me. Apparently he will be 'fast' and will not hit the gutter when he attempts to reverse park. Everyone's a critic.

Mr4 dons his bike helmet, puts on his gumboots, and climbs on his little bike (with training wheels) as though he is stepping over a Harley Davidson. He brmmms as he drives, makes screeching noises as he skids to a stop, and swaggers like a Bandido as he pushes his bike into the preschool playground. He walked around with his helmet under his arm for ages the other morning, waiting for someone to notice, then tossed his hair back with 'oh, this old thing' attitude as he confided that he'd ridden to school that day.

Mr4 has all the makings of a mother's worst nightmare.

I think I'll start lobbying now for the driving age to be raised to 30.

[image: Disney]


  1. I'll be right there with you lobbying for that increased driving age. At 16 months the small boy is already obsessed with motorbikes despite us never, ever having had any kind of conversation about them with him. I've never even pointed at one. I'm scared.

  2. The motorbike thing is inherent in some boys I think. Am hoping it's a passing phase...

  3. 3 males in my house and two motorbikes already. Bus pass city xx

  4. Oh, too funny. He sounds a hoot. My 16 year old can get his learners permit, but is not pushing it. And neither am I. The worry will come soon enough...

  5. M1 is forever demanding I speed up to pass the car in front. And if someone overtakes us, he urges me to "get back in front, get back in front, Mummy". He is 3. It's ridiculous


  6. That's so cute.
    When it's make believe.
    Boys + cars = scare the hell out of me.

  7. I am more than a little in love with your Mr 4. He sounds hilarious.

    These posts you write about your boys Al, they are enchanting. I have never seen a picture of either of them, but I feel like I know them and their quirks through your tales about them.


  8. Giggle giggle giggle!

    Thanks for making me smile x

  9. Oh, he is soooo going to be the bad boy the girls love!

    Motorbikes are so banned in thsi house. I cna't help it, they terrify me and I've brainwashed my children. Bad Mama.

    I want them to change the driving age too - teenage boys+cars=my worst fears.

    Freaking cute though, this post. "Oh, that's so old". hehe.
    Laughed out loud at the reverse parking. ANYone will be a better reverse parker than me.

  10. Alison, have you thought about a walking bike. They are the ones without paddles. Kids are much faster and learn balance - so they are on a real bike from 3 years onwards. It's a bit of a show off, too, which he might like

  11. In our house full of girls we don't hear too much 'hooning' thankfully LOL. But Miss 13 is only 3 years off her L plates - now that is scary!

  12. Thanks to Top Gear, the munchkin's never going to look at anything less than a Ferrari! Maybe we're safe... Maybe it was just a way to get him to say long words as a very small child.

    On second thoughts, keep lobbying!

  13. LOL this post made me laugh... my kids are both green 'P' drivers. My youngest came home one day this week with a $147 parking fine for parking against the direction of traffic. The realities of driving!

  14. Oh this is gorgeous Allison, love this post. I have a feeling the hoon gene is built in to most boys, my Mr3 is forever telling me how to drive from the back seat and encouraging me to drive through red lights :o/

  15. Motorbikes aren't so bad.
    I had one and I'm fine.
    (except for that one minor mishap).

    Then again, my brother had three; each one bigger than the previously crashed and written off one, before he wised up and got a car instead.

  16. I feel your pain. My Mr5 backseat driver likes to sit in the backseat and yell, 'Go FASTER, Mummy. CHANGE LANES!'

  17. What a dude! That Mr4 is all character. I can see him in this story and it makes me smile and smile. Please tell me someone noticed how cool he was at pre-school? Give him a big smooch from his Auntie x

  18. It seems like Mr4 and I have something in common: listening to loud music in the car. Listening to loud music while the wind blows at your hair makes driving all the more worthwhile! If you're the one driving, you get this awesome adrenaline rush when doing that! =)

  19. I'm scared myself to imagine my kids driving. I will stay away from the roads when they do.


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